Welcoming the Year of the Tiger!

Center for Global Health
February 10, 2022
Cookies from Lunar New Year celebration.

The MUSC Center for Global Health and International Student Association celebrated the Lunar New Year on Wednesday, February 2nd with the members of the MUSC Asian community. International student volunteers gave out beautifully decorated Lunar New Year cookies from Bakies at I'On to MUSC international students, faculty, and staff members in celebration.

A group of student and staff pose for a photograph during the New Year celebration.  Two attendees pose with cookies from New Year celebration.

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The Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, is typically celebrated in Asian countries beginning on February 1st and coincides with the lunar calendar. Dances, religious and family celebrations, fireworks, and gifts are common throughout the holiday period. The New Year ends at the time of the first full moon, around 15 days later, with a Lantern Festival on the final evening. Based on the Chinese zodiac signs, this year’s festival ends the Year of the Ox (2021) and welcomes in the Year of the Tiger (2022). Learn more about the festival.

"The Lunar New Year celebration is centered around removing the bad and the old and welcoming in the new and the good. The MUSC Center for Global Health recognizes we can and should celebrate these ideals together! We are grateful to all of the attendees and volunteers who made this meaningful event happen."

- Rebeca Mueller  Health, Safety, and Cultural Affairs, MUSC Center for Global Health

Our MUSC international family members reflect on the importance of Lunar New Year:

A MUSC community member poses with a Lunar New Year cookie.

"Chinese Lunar New Year is the biggest festival celebrated in China, and this year is special because the Winter Olympics is being held in Beijing during the holiday. I hope the Olympic games go well and everybody has a prosperous Tiger year."

Lilong (Leon) Guo, M.D., Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar
Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Center, College of Graduate Studies
MUSC Chinese Student and Scholar Association Member
MUSC International Association Leader


Student and staff member at Lunar New Year.

"Chinese New Year is the time for family reunions. While my family is thousands of miles away, it is heartwarming to meet with my fellow international students and celebrate this festival together. The cookies were cute and tasty. I wish everyone a sweet Year of the Tiger!"

Yiyun Hu, Ph.D. Candidate
Physical Therapy, College of Health Professions
MUSC International Student Association Member