Where in the World?

Center for Global Health
October 30, 2022
Mural of a jaguar in India.

Where in the world did MUSC students and trainees travel for programs during 2022?

MUSC students and trainees know the importance of increasing quality health care to communities worldwide. Through MUSC programs and with our international partners, students and trainees have the opportunity to travel for residencies and programs that give them first-hand knowledge from global health and local medical experts. Research and education projects provide experiences and skills that students and trainees will take with them through their careers. The Center for Global Health supports student and trainee projects abroad through yearly travel grants. View some of the MUSC student and trainee projects and photos from the last year below.

You can view all of the student and trainee travel photos on the Center for Global Health Flickr.


MUSC Around the World


College of Medicine student Ipsita Prahan traveled to Odisha, India to complete a survey-based study conducted at the All India Institute for Medical Sciences to analyze the quality of life for patients with transfusion-dependent hematological disorders.

College of Medicine student Ayesha Vohra traveled to Mumbai, India to compare and contrast the experience of patients with Aortic Stenosis in an urban Mumbai hospital vs. diagnostic and care in rural hospitals to better understand divergent disease outcomes.

Ipsita with local health workers in India. Collage of surgical photos in India.


College of Health Professions student Rosa Marie Compton completed an 8-week health program with Child Family Health International at community-level clinics and hospitals in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Rosa Marie Compton with colleagues in Mexico. A health worker examines a woman.


College of Medicine Neurology Residents Brittany Kuhn and Ritchy Hodebourg traveled to Mohamed V University in Rabat, Morocco. The goal was to provide African neuroscientists with the highest quality training in preclinical and clinical laboratory techniques as well as the latest knowledge about the neurobiology of Substance Use Disorders (SUDS). This was done by using a state-of-the-art chemogenetic system on rats to identify specific neural circuitry involved in many psychiatric disorders including SEUDS.

Ritchy Hodebourg conducts a lecture in Morocco. Brittany and colleagues in Morocco.


College of Medicine student Megan Dempsey traveled to Tacuna, Peru as part of a medical campaign to develop a system for adequately screening children for undetected hearing loss using a portable Shoebox audiometer.

Meghan Dempsey with a pediatric patient. A clinic in Peru.

South Africa

College of Health Professions student Allyson Elrod-Bloom was in Cape Town, South Africa to explore the role of occupational therapy in community development via a framework that guides the work of therapists. This includes understanding how local organizations and food banks develop strategies for empowering community-driven solutions to food insecurity.

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 A panorama mountain view in Cape Town, South Africa.


College of Medicine Pediatric Residents Cassandra Stegall, Charlene Chalmers, and Nancy Hagood completed one-month rotations in Arusha, Tanzania working with local specialists in pediatric health care. 

Charlotte Stegall works with a patient in the NICU in Tanzania. MUSC Resident Dr. Chalmers examines a pediatric patient. Nancy Hagood in Tanzania with a colleague.


College of Health Professions students Meghan Andrews, Michelle Hunt, Breanna Grant, and Austin Dixon joined Dr. Cynthia Dodds in Masindi, Uganda in collaboration with OneWorld Health to assist in delivering and assembling mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches. The group also assisted with physical therapy efforts with community members.

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College of Medicine Pediatric Resident Rebeca Hansen completed a one-month rotation in Masindi, Uganda working with the local hospital in pediatric healthcare for the community.

MUSC students in Uganda with a patient. Rebecca Hansen with a colleague in Uganda.