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Department of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Message from the Chief Equity Officer

Greetings MUSC Community Members! I hope you all are doing well and anticipating the wonderful work we do every day. I’m eager to introduce a new recognition program the Office of Equity is launching - The MUSC Real DEIL Recognition Program. The Real DEIL stands for Real Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader.

The Real DEIL Recognition Program focuses on highlighting members of the MUSC family (employees, teams, students and others), at various levels and in all areas, who are modeling, impacting and sharing DEI values and principles day-to-day.  The MUSC Real DEIL program will recognize the grassroots services, actions and initiatives that make an impact within and between direct units, areas, departments, divisions, colleges, etc. but the program's impact may not have spread across the entire MUSC Enterprise yet. Think of them as “random acts of inclusion that go unnoticed but have direct and meaning impact”. These contributions could be occasional or continuous in nature, and identify “best practices” that may be replicated by others in our community.

The primary goal of the MUSC Real DEIL program is to focus on regularly recognizing members of the MUSC community who are embracing and sharing diversity, equity and inclusion work and principles. The secondary and equally important goal is to help elevate the culture of One MUSC by celebrating on an individual level those who inspire others to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in their roles and daily interactions.

You may be wondering how this program will be different than Earl B Higgins Awards. The Real DEIL Awards will be complimentary to the already established Earl B Higgins Awards annual recognition. The Earl B. Higgins awardees demonstrate sustained, long term and significant impact and those recognized as the “Real DEIL” do not meet that criteria. However, if the work and impact of the REAL DEIL programs' recipients continue to grow, they may be considered for nomination for the Earl B. Higgins Award. Both awards, the Real DEIL and the Earl B. Higgins, are recognized, administered and supported by the Office of Equity’s Department of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Thank you in advance for your nominations. Please check out our webpage to learn how you can submit nominations and learn more about the MUSC Real DEIL. The Office of Equity is looking forward to learning more about all the wonderful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work you are leading, have observed and/or been impacted by.

With warmest regards,

Dr. Burnham-Williams

Chief Equity Officer


MUSC is proud to be recognized as a 2022 Diversity Champion and recipient of Insight Into Diversity's Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.


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