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Department of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Greetings MUSC Community Members!

Can you believe it is already August?  I hope you are continuing to be safe and well as we navigate these ongoing unprecedented times. Take time to practice self-care, it is critical to your physical and mental well-being. Your well being is important to us!

I also hope that in spite of the ongoing challenges you will continue to be excited about our future as an organization and stay on the journey!  As we continue to grow and focus on our mission, the Office of Equity’s team is here to serve the entire organization.  We are committed to ensuring that every MUSC environment urban and rural is one in which everyone feels they belong and are respected.  We join the MUSC growing community in ensuring that every component of our tripartite mission serves its learners, employees, patients and families with compassion, excellence and respect.

As we implement strategies and initiatives for the end of summer and through fall I ask that the entire community mark your calendars for the 6th Annual Inclusion to Innovation Summit, Monday, November 7th.  The Summit will be virtual again this year and features the follow keynote speakers:

Opening/Morning - Dr. Christopher King, Inaugural Dean for School of Health, Georgetown University

Noon- Dr. Robin DiAngelo, Author, White Fragility, Affiliate Associate Professor of Education, University of Washington

Closing – Ms. Isabel Wilkerson, Pulitzer Prize and National Humanities’ Medal winner, author Caste and The Warmth of Other Sons

Look for more details in the coming weeks. Let us know how we are doing

Be well,

Willette S. Burnham-Williams, Ph.D.

Chief Equity Officer


 Insight Into Diversity Diversity Champion Insight Into Diversity HEED Award 2021 Top Colleges for Diversity 
MUSC is proud to be recognized as a 2021 Diversity Champion and recipient of Insight Into Diversity's Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.


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All patients and all MUSC employees who are symptomatic (respiratory infection, fever, cough, flu-like symptoms) or asymptomatic (and have had a known exposure to COVID-19), should visit MUSC Health virtual urgent care for screening and medical advice from a trained MUSC Health care provider. When you access the virtual urgent care, please use the Chat Function to communicate directly with a provider.

If you experience or witness any form of Prohibited Conduct, please report it either by emailing , or by using the Prohibited Conduct Response Form. Our team will continue to investigate and adjudicate cases in accordance with the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct.

If you would like to report an incident relating to harassment or discrimination, please contact the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion or complete an online form. This form may be submitted anonymously.

Maintaining Equity in Virtual Learning Environments | Nondiscrimination Anti-Harassment and Equal Opportunity Policy and Procedures | Crime Reporting Policy | Crime Reporting Policy — Appendix A: Crime Definitions and Clery Geography (PDF) | Crime Reporting Policy — Appendix B: Campus Security Authorities (PDF)