Celebrating Women's History Month

MUSC is proud to celebrate and acknowledge the many ways women have served our community in the past and present.

Department of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Message from the Chief Equity Officer

Dear MUSC community members,

March is Women’s History Month and MUSC proudly honors the accomplishments of, and barriers overcome by women. We acknowledge women’s advancement toward greater equality, access, equity, compassion and impact in academic health science and health care outcomes. We wholeheartedly join in celebrations across the enterprise and in our local communities that feature the history of women and highlight some of their greatest achievements.

Greater than 65% of our MUSC community members are women – students, faculty, care team members, patients, and families from across South Carolina and beyond. These brilliant women, from all walks of life, are integral partners who daily contribute to MUSC’s vision, mission, and values, and we pause to honor all of you and “tell your stories.”

I am always aware of the unique perspective each woman brings to decision making and the teams we belong to and lead. As we celebrate women, I encourage you to pause and pay particular attention to what the women in our lives bring to every interaction and how especially important their participation is. At MUSC we endeavor to create an environment where every woman is valued, respected, engaged, and treated equitably. Women’s History month provides another opportunity to pay attention to ensuring that we create spaces where women feel they belong and where their strengths and achievements are consistently acknowledged and celebrated for our excellent work.

Over the decades MUSC has made significant inroads in expanding and embracing the opportunities and contributions of women at all levels. Women in academic health science organizations like MUSC signify a flourishing population that is continuously expanding. With intentionality we must continue to implement ways to care for one another and acknowledge our importance along the way. Women’s History Month gives way for this opportunity, and I know, based on the great legacy of women’s resilience, there is a limitless future for all women at MUSC.

Please join me in celebrating Women’s History Month 2023!

With warmest regards,
Willette S. Burnham-Williams, PhD
Chief Equity Officer, MUSC Enterprise


MUSC is proud to be recognized as a 2022 Diversity Champion and recipient of Insight Into Diversity's Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.


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