President Cole - Speaker Request Form

If you’d like to make a request for President Cole to speak at your event, please complete and submit the form below. After you’ve submitted the form, someone will respond to your request within two to three business days to confirm availability and scheduling.

After scheduling has been confirmed:

  • All speaking content and details to include the biographies of anyone he is to introduce during his remarks are required within ten business days prior to the event.
  • Order of program/agenda, list of invited attendees and table seating (if applicable) are due seven business days prior to the event.
  • If RSVP’s are requested, an updated RSVP list with confirmed attendees is required two business days prior to the event.

For specific questions regarding President Cole’s availability and calendar, please contact Dawn Hartsell,

For specific questions regarding President Cole’s speaking content and coordination, please contact Heather Woolwine,

___ a.m./p.m. to ___ a.m. /p.m.

(*NOTE: the times requested for the president’s participation should be as exact as possible, as the president is often juggling multiple events in a series. If the event scheduler changes after submitting this request, please let us know so that we may determine if the change can be accommodated. This includes any change in event location as this may cause a change in travel times to/from previous/post events.)

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If there are any VIPs whom Dr. Cole needs to acknowledge or with which he needs to engage, please list their names.
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Please provide as much detail as possible that conveys the purpose of the event and any other supporting information that would be helpful for preparation or attendance.
*please indicate information in the briefing report

Please submit bio and phonetic pronunciation of names.
*All advertising of the President’s attendance will need to be approved prior to printing and publishing.