MUSC Health creates drive-in blood draw site for COVID-19 patients

August 04, 2020
closeup photo of a nurse putting on double layers of medical gloves
Patients who need blood labs for their chronic conditions but currently have a COVID-19 infection will be directed to a new, dedicated blood draw site. Photo by Sarah Pack

For those who are recovering from COVID-19 at home but need to have their blood drawn, MUSC Health is establishing a dedicated COVID-positive drive-in blood draw site. 

The site will be open 8 to 11 a.m. on Wednesdays in the Rutledge Tower valet parking lot on the downtown Charleston campus. Patients will need their health care providers to schedule the appointments for them.

Creating this dedicated blood draw location will allow MUSC Health to continue to provide care for people with active COVID infections in a manner that is safe for the care team and for other patients.

Sean Nelson, director of Ambulatory Services Primary Care, said the team expects that most patients will need antibody tests, which would indicate they are no longer infectious and can return to work or have surgery. Some patients, though, will need a safe place for routine bloodwork.

“This is critical for our oncology and transplant patients, both children and adults, as well as patients with chronic illnesses that require routine lab monitoring,” he said.

Patients are asked to wear short-sleeved shirts and masks. A patient who arrives without a mask will be provided one.

Separate from this site, MUSC Health has drive-in lab sites for people who do not have COVID-19 but are uneasy about entering a medical facility to get their blood drawn or blood pressure checked.