MUSC asks community for support on Giving Tuesday

November 13, 2020
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There are multiple ways to show support for MUSC's three-part mission of teaching, research and healing during this year's Giving Tuesday.

As South Carolinians prepare to give thanks this Thanksgiving and then begin the traditional holiday shopping season, the Medical University of South Carolina is asking people to contribute to its three-pronged mission of teaching, research and healing.

Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, has become a popular movement since it was started in 2012 as a day of generosity – whether that generosity takes the form of “showing up for an issue,” helping someone or making a financial donation, according to the Giving Tuesday website.

Nearly everyone is touched by health issues – either their own or a loved one’s – at some point in their lives. Thus, nearly everyone can relate to some aspect of MUSC’s mission, whether it’s cancer research, stroke recovery support, cardiac care or educating the next generation of health care professionals. And on this Giving Tuesday, people can direct their contributions to the area dearest to them.

Still, in this difficult year of 2020, MUSC recognizes that some people who might like to support its mission can’t make a financial contribution. Thus, there are three ways that someone can participate on Dec. 1 – by making a contribution, by holding a Facebook fundraiser or by being an ambassador.

Although all three roles have existed in past Giving Tuesdays at MUSC, this year MUSC is offering expanded support for the ambassador and fundraiser roles, including graphics that can be shared across social media and a step-by-step guide for fundraising.

Ambassadors share as much as they’re willing of their personal stories about why MUSC is important to them – whether because of life-saving care they received or because they studied or work here. Fundraisers ask family and friends to give what they can to the area that means the most to them.

The upcoming Giving Tuesday is actually the second of the year, after nonprofit groups around the world held an emergency Giving Tuesday in the spring in response to the financial strains from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The last time we had Giving Tuesday was in May, just a couple of months after COVID-19 hit the area,” said Kate Azizi, vice president for institutional advancement. “At the time, we were not sure how successful it would be. There was so much uncertainty about so many other things.”

As it turned out, the community donated more than $110,000 to MUSC that day, more than any other Giving Tuesday. Most of the money received that day is supporting testing and other COVID response efforts at MUSC.

“I think people saw Giving Tuesday as a way to regain some control over situation that seemed pretty out of control at the time,” Azizi said. She said that proceeds from this Giving Tuesday also will be used to help MUSC’s six colleges and its health system recover from the financial impacts of COVID-19.

Overall, less than 4% of MUSC’s budget comes from state funds. Philanthropy plays an important role in enabling MUSC to continue to excel in education, research and health care.

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