MUSC kicks off Bicentennial Lecture Series with talk from inventor-turned-medical student

January 16, 2024
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MUSC’s Joshua Kim, College of Medicine (Class of 2026), will discuss the Human-Centered Design Program he founded. Photo Provided

The Medical University in February will kick off a yearlong Bicentennial Lecture Series to commemorate MUSC’s past, discuss work taking place across the enterprise today and share glimpses of what lies ahead.

The virtual lectureship is being held as part of the University’s 200th anniversary and will be offered free of charge to the entire MUSC family – including staff, faculty and alumni – as well as the general public. The hospitals in the Regional Health Network are particularly excited to have the opportunity to hear informative and celebrated speakers, their CEOs said.

“MUSC has become so intertwined in the lives of the people who live in South Carolina,” said Beth Heiter, who serves on the Bicentennial Task Force planning the lectureship. “It’s an integral part ofour shared history. We felt it was important to open these talks to the public so they could see where MUSC came from and, equally important, where it’s headed.”

Lectures will be offered every other month throughout 2024 and will include presentations by students, clinicians, researchers and others, all sharing their unique perspectives on the institution’s work to improve human health. The series begins on Feb. 15 with a talk by second-year medical student and MUSC Human-Centered Design Program design director Joshua Kim.

A native of the Chicago area, Kim came to MUSC in 2019 with a master’s degree in engineering design innovation from Northwestern University. By the time he arrived in Charleston, he had already started two companies and invented several medical devices, including one to help recovering stroke victims and another to speed up cancer chemotherapy times.

When Kim came to MUSC, it was not to attend medical school but to start a new program to teach students, residents and even surgical faculty how to improve medicine through human-centered design and design thinking. He decided to enroll in medical school in 2022, seeing it as a way to integrate more fully his dual passions for design and human health.

Kim is wholly immersed in MUSC’s tripartite mission, attending classes, conducting research and shadowing clinicians at the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital. He views all three pursuits through the lens of human-focused design, always considering how creative thinking and focusing on patient needs could bring innovative new solutions to unmet needs in health care.

During his presentation, Kim will discuss the Human-Centered Design Program he founded at MUSC – its progress to date, big wins and flagship startups – as well as some future projects on its horizon. He also will share part of his personal journey from pre-med to engineering and back to medicine, toward a career in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery.

Anyone with an internet connection may view the lectures. Register here to attend.

For information about other Bicentennial events, activities and schedules, visit the Bicentennial website.

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