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a nurse leans over a monitor while in the background a patient sits in a chair with a cuff around his arm

Cancer Clinical Trials

May 20, 2024

A new dedicated phase I clinical trials unit at Hollings means more and different types of clinical trials will be available to cancer patients.

a man and woman pose in front of a wall bookshelf

Medication to Quit E-Cigs

May 16, 2024

A new study is the first in the U.S. to show that an available generic drug could help people stop using e-cigarettes.

A woman sits on a wooden bench on a pier with marsh and river behind her

Bladder Cancer

May 14, 2024

After a bladder cancer diagnosis, one patient wants to raise awareness among women about this disease that can be mistaken for a UTI.

Pharm.D. student Latavia Fields, who has benefitted from outreach proograms developed by Dr. Marvellla Ford

MUSC Pipeline Programs

May 13, 2024

MUSC’s pipeline programs build the skills of underrepresented students and prepare them for careers in health care and medical research.

Man in a white lab coat smiles seated in a lab.

Cancer Vaccine

May 09, 2024

Leukogene Therapeutics Inc. introduces a promising therapy to treat multiple cancers and hopes to become flagship entity for MUSC’s innovation ecosystem.

HPV cancers researcher Ashish Deshmukh poses in a garden

Geographic Risk Disparities

May 07, 2024

For people with HIV, the risk of anal cancer varies significantly depending on the region of the country where they live.

a stylish young woman poses in front of grand old homes of Charleston SC

Living with Lung Cancer

May 06, 2024

A lung cancer diagnosis has focused Laura Reed's mind on how she wants to live her life.

portrait of Hollings Cancer Center patient Jayne Adams

Bladder Cancer

May 03, 2024

After bladder cancer diagnosis, writer tells doctor: "I am going to live to 115. I have books to write."

a woman with short blonde hair, red glasses and chunky necklaces pauses to smile at the camera over her client's head

Melanoma Aware

May 01, 2024

After melanoma surgery, hairdresser Carol Helton is spreading the word at her hair salon about staying on top of suspicious moles.

a man in jeans and loose black leather jacket leans forward, smiling broadly, while sitting on an exam chair in an exam room

CAR-T Clinical Trial

April 25, 2024

A clinical trial of CAR-T cell therapy developed at Hollings has received NCI funding to expand.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 571)

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