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Partial Team for portable MRI-equipped ambulance Blue Sky Award winning project

Setting Care in Motion

May 16, 2022

Ambulances equipped with cutting-edge scanners could lessen the time it takes to get stroke patients the treatment they need.

Sophia Sourlis, a woman in a khaki jacket and Yoda hat, puts her arms in the air on stage

Match Day 2022

March 18, 2022

More than 100 students from the College of Medicine’s graduating class participated in Match Day at Charleston Music Hall of Friday.

Dr. Marvella Ford and Melanie Slan stand outside


October 15, 2021

Hollings rolled out a new mini-mobile health van to make it easier for parents to get their children HPV vaccinated.

Dr. Dee Fords demonstrates a telehealth call.

Telehealth Roadmap

August 23, 2021

The Telehealth Service Implementation Model (TSIM) is a roadmap for navigating the complexities of establishing a strong and durable telehealth program.

School-based health assistant Christian Miley completes a rapid strep test for a student who is being evaluated by nurse practitioner Kelli Garber through telehealth while at school.

School-Based Telehealth

March 24, 2021

School-based telehealth can remove traditional health care barriers for children in underserved communities by connecting them to health care at school.

five vials of COVID-19 vaccine

Extra vaccine

December 17, 2020

It turns out vials of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine – each of which was supposed to contain five doses – has as many as one or two more in them.

group photo of people from a variety of disciplines

Stroke Response

December 03, 2020

MUSC Health Florence is adding capabilities to treat stroke patients with advanced treatments closer to home.

Sickle cell patient undergoing transcranial Doppler ultrasonography

Remote Training

November 12, 2020

With Zeriscope’s Teletrainer, remote experts can train doctors anywhere to detect stroke risk in kids with sickle cell disease.

Camera used for Telehealth.

Telehealth Collaboration

November 09, 2020

To create a one-stop telehealth solution, Ignis Health, with its own telehealth analytics platform, licensed a roadmap for telehealth implementation from MUSC.

Dr. Heather Evans wearing a surgical cap and mask.

Telehealth Surge

October 22, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has given telehealth a big push, with a lot more patients and doctors giving virtual visits a try. Here’s what they found.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 11)