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Binder saying clinical trials along with stethoscope, vials and pills.

Clinical Trial Management

June 17, 2022

Integrated tool will allow clinical trial enrollment and cost effectiveness to be tracked across the health system

Dr. Rami Zebian holds a smart device while a woman next to him uses a Butterfly ultrasound device on a man's bare back.

Leap Forward

June 15, 2022

‘A leap forward’: MUSC begins widespread use of pocket-size, whole body ultrasound system.

Tech wearing a mask with his hair covered stretches his arms as he spreads a blue tarp in a new endovascular suite.

Neuroendovascular Achievement

June 02, 2022

MUSC Health adds second Icono neuroendovascular suite, one of just a handful of hospitals in U.S. to have such a combo.

Dr. Katz stands in a room, wearing a VR headset and a pair of scrubs. His hands are out in front of him like he's conducting an orchestra

AR Surgery

May 25, 2022

If Clearview Surgical and Dr. Marc Katz have their way, AR could be the future of surgery in the not-too-distant future.

Partial Team for portable MRI-equipped ambulance Blue Sky Award winning project

Setting Care in Motion

May 16, 2022

Ambulances equipped with cutting-edge scanners could lessen the time it takes to get stroke patients the treatment they need.

Doctor David Zaas rides an e-bike as Susan Johnson smiles nearby

Bike Share

May 13, 2022

MUSC has teamed up with a bike-share company to e-bike rentals to get people from point A to point B without the headache of worrying about parking.

a group of people in surgical garments gather around a computer screen while behind them a patient lays on the table with an x-ray machine shaped like an "o" encircling the table

Robotic Aid

May 12, 2022

Doctors in the MUSC Health Spine Center are working on new ways to perform existing surgeries, utilizing developing technologies.

Jihad Obeid speaks as two other colleagues listen during a discussion on AI in health care

AI in Health Care

May 11, 2022

Every year artificial intelligence becomes more intertwined with health care. Some of the areas top AI minds got together to discuss how to take it further.

Person in a shark costume.

Innovation Week Recap

May 03, 2022

Innovation Week saw investment of over $500,000 in projects across MUSC enterprise.

Suparna Qanungo and Kate Ague-Kneeland give their presentation at the podium.

Shark Tank 2022

April 29, 2022

In a highly competitive event, MUSC employees pitched innovative ideas in “Shark Tank” showdown. Three concepts got judges to bite.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 52)