2022 MUSC Service Awards

Thank you to all the 2022 MUSC Service Award Honorees for your service to the MUSC Enterprise and to the lives we touch. MUSC established the service awards to celebrate the MUSC family and recognize their longevity of service. Longevity is important and one of MUSC's greatest strengths. It allows us to pass down our best traditions, best practices and our five institutional values-compassion, respect, innovation, collaboration and integrity. Our 2022 MUSC Service Award recipients have committed a big part of their lives to these values and to MUSC. They have provided the continuity which is the key to our current success. Thank you for your service and congratulations on reaching your new MUSC service milestone.

"On a day when we celebrate your incredible service, I thank you for your achievements and your tireless commitment."- Dr. David J Cole, President, MUSC

Please review the 2022 MUSC University Service Award Honorees List (PDF)2022 MUSC Health Service Award Honoree List (PDF), and the 2022 MUSC Physician Service Award Honoree List (PDF). These lists include the names of the MUSC employees being recognized this year with 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years of service. You can also view the 2022 MUSC Service Awards Postcard (PDF) sent to the honorees.


Honoree Mailing Information

Due to COVID-19, the 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50-year Honorees Milestone Award(s) will be mailed to their home address.  Due to the size of the Personalized Photo Prints, Home Unit Business Managers will make arrangements with their 30, 40 & 50-year Honorees to receive their photo print.  IF you do not receive your award(s) by Wednesday, December 14, 2022, please contact the following: MUSC (UNIV) – Monique Robinson; MUSC Health (Hospital) – Lisa Beattie; MUSC-Physicians – Allen Coulter.

Quick Facts on the 2022 Service Award Honorees

  • 805 MUSC employees are being recognized with a service award this year.
  • 476 Honorees have 10 years of service with MUSC.
  • 229 Honorees have 20 years of service with MUSC.
  • 83 Honorees have 30 years of service with MUSC.
  • 15 Honorees have 40 years of service with MUSC.
  • 2 Honorees have 50 years of service with MUSC.
  • The 2022 Service Award Honorees have worked 26,020,800 cumulative manhours and 650,520 weeks.
  • This year's Honorees also have 12,510 cumulative years of service.