I am an MUSC Innovator

Crystal Light Bulb Trophy

Sponsored by the Office of Innovation, the “I am an MUSC Innovator” campaign is designed to raise awareness of the many forms that innovation can take, to inspire others and to publicly recognize individuals and teams that are making an impact. 

Each quarter, the campaign showcases innovative educators, researchers, care team members, and service team members that have been nominated by a college dean, department chair, administrator, or the innovation support team.


Award Recipients for March, 2021

Brielle Smith, Alan Snyder and Manuel Valdebran, M.D. for using an artificial intelligence model developed by Jvion, a Georgia-based health care AI firm, the team identified thousands of adults who faced a high risk of developing serious complications should they contract COVID-19.

Jessica Barley, Ph.D. and Jonathan Edwards, M.D., M.B.A., for designing and developing a sub-dermal needle electrode which is encased in a hard-plastic sheath surrounded by bandage like adhesive as a safer alternative when patients require Intraoperative Neuromonitoring during surgery.

Cristine Candland, MSN, AGNP, RN, for incorporating significant system improvements to the intricate scheduling process for the pre-kidney and living donor transplant programs. With enhanced collaboration and weekly huddles, the process is much easier for patients and downtime is reduced by ensuring any empty slots are filled quickly.

Colleen Cotton, M.D., for revamping a 15-year-old database to keep track of surgeries, closures, surgical notes, and consult reports resulting in significant time savings for our care team and administrative team members.

Shannon Phillips, RN, Ph.D., for developing novel, technology-based solutions to support self-management of symptoms and access to care among youth with sickle cell disease.

M. Kinon Lecholop, D.M.D., FACS, for inventing a new and novel Aerosol Containment Dome for the protection of patients and clinicians.

Stephanie Kapets, for ensuring that the antibody test developed here became a reality while incorporating a QR code tool that made the process seamless for our patients. 

The Institutional Advancement Team for developing and executing a plan for all staff members to work productively remotely in just two weeks. With support from Gravyty, an AI vendor, shifts in the database algorithms were achieved for the team to work more efficiently with deliberate segments of our database. An added benefit was that team members reached out to contacts to check in, let them know how they could access resources get answers to questions in the pandemic, rather than just asking for donations

Previous Awardees

Michael Aiken, Peggy Angel, Kim Bailey, Bashar Badran, Lizzie Baer, Kim Balaguer, Kimberly Bailey, Hunter Bazaco, Breezy Bernheisel, Craig Beeson, Susan Bishop, Jeff Borckardt, Jonathan Boone, Christi Bourne, Scott Bragg, Christian Brenes Vegas, Susan Brown, Jan Buffington, Jessica Bullington, Chris Bunt, Willette Burnham-Williams, Janet Byrne, Amanda Cameron, Colleen Cannon, Shana Caporossi, Steve Carroll, Melanie Cason, Sherine Chan, Ronnie Chatterjee, C. James Chou, Lori Clekis, Dee Crawford, Craig Crosson, Benita Curnell, Scott Curry, Jennifer Dahne, Marvetta Daniels, Jesse Dean, Michael de Arellano, Sarah de Barros, Ellen Debenham, Angela Dempsey, Vanessa Diaz, Lauren Dickerson, Dave Dolan, Carolyn Donohue, Richard Drake, Steve Duncan, Faith Dunn, Traci Dunn, Alice Edwards, Mitzi Fetner, Christian Finetto, Kristina Fioretti, DaNine J. Fleming, Tammy Flovin, Jordan Flynn, Rhonda Flynn, Dee Ford, Marvella Ford, Sandra Fox, Chris Friendly, Heather Galang, Jessica Giblin, Amanda Giles, Meghan Glanville, Elizabeth Glover, Phillip Griggs, Brandon Grimes, David Habib, Chris Hairfield, Anthony Hale, Katie Hale, Julie Ham, Cheryl Hamill, Kristine Harper, Daniela Harris, Patti Hart, Jillian Harvey, Mickey Haryanto, Michael Haschker, Marilyn Hauser, Debra Hazen-Martin, Matthew Hebbard, Nancy Hendry, Edie Hering, Kirstie Hewson, Julie Hirschhorn, Christine Holmstedt, Meredith Horwatt, Kelly Howard, Sharlena Howard, Inda Humes, Andy Irwin, Amanda James, Marilyn James, Sylvia Jang, Sheila Janikowski, Dorothea Jenkins, Natalie Johnson, Bonnie Jones, Jami Jones, Stephen Kalhorn, Christiana Kappler, Georgia Keith, Jennifer Kelly, Donna Kern, Charlotte Kerr, Joshua Kim, Katie King,  Kapri Kreps, Christine Larson, Dustin LeBlanc, Les Lenert, Amanda Lilienthal, Ray Liu, Lindsay Loewer, Aundrea Loftley, Emily Lynn, Audrey Mack, Coleen Martin, Mary Mauldin, Anand Mehta, Shikhar Mehrotra, Cami Meyer, Jimmy McElligott, Stephanie K. McGowan, Vivian McMillian, Jeff McMurray, William Meggett, Michael Miller, Sherry Miller, Emily Mills, Erik Modrzynski, Satish Nadig, David Napier, James Ngoyi, Jenny Nguyen, Rick Nolte, Ed O’Bryan, Katya Peka, Lindley Pennekamp, Scott Person, Yuri Peterson, Iggy Pla, Marty Player, Matt Price, Leah Ramos, Anita Ramsetty, Scott Reeves, Wally Renne, Chad Richardson, Leigh Ridings, Sheila Riser, Ranada Rivers, Elisabeth Rochel, Ben Rogers, Beth Romaine, Jodie Rush, Charlie Sander, Gretchen Seif, Na Jin Seo, Beju Shah, Chelsea Shope, Kara Simpson, Myra Haney Singleton, Morgan Sires, Nora Siwarski, Harris Slone, Eric Smathers, Aroo Isadas Sonekar, Keenen Smith, Kevin Smuniewski, Alex Spiotta, William Stalvey, Patterson Stiles, Paula Sutton, Michael Sweat, Christine Talbot-Bond, Barbara Taylor, Stephanie Taylor, Quenton Tompkins, Paula Traktman, Clare Tyson, Shawn Valenta, Joe Vuthiganon, Preston Walker, Jason Wall, Tasia Walsh, Antwan Walters, Emily Warr, Brandon Welch, Kendra West, Stephanie Whitener, Joe Whitlock, Michelle Wiles, Amy Williams, Bryan Wood, Michelle Woodbury, Shane Woolf, Jonathan Yantis, Mike Yost, Johan Zamoscianyk, Peter Zwerner, the Clinical Education team, the Telehealth Technology Team and the COVID-19 Center/Anesthesia Team