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MUSC Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors

In universities across the nation and around the world, great scientists, scholars and educators are teaching the next generation of researchers and inventors.

The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) was founded to recognize academic inventors who have received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and to encourage innovative pursuits. The goals are to enhance the visibility of university technology and academic innovation; encourage the disclosure of intellectual property; educate and mentor students; and translate the inventions of its members to benefit society.

The MUSC Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors was established in 2014 to recognize the contributions of scientists and clinicians across all disciplines of our academic community. Each spring, the MUSC Foundation for Research Development (FRD) hosts an induction ceremony to welcome new members into the chapter and celebrate the accomplishments of existing members.


Members Inducted in 2020

Galina Bogatkevich, Ann-Marie Broome, T. Karl Byrne, Sherine Chan, C. James Chou, Suraj Dixit, Nathan Dolloff, Wuwei "Wayne" Feng*, Richard Gross,  Yu-Lin Jiang, John Lemasters, Satish Nadig, Reeder Robinson, Mark Rubinstein, Barton Sachs, Richard Silver, Cephus Simmons, Sr., Alex Spiotta, Nancey Tsai, Hai Yao


Chapter Members Inducted Previously

Carl Atkinson, Bashar Badran, Aiping Bai, Theirry Bacro*, G. Hamilton Baker, Sarah Ball*, Craig Beeson**, Alicja Beilawski, Jacek Bielawski, J. Warren Bradley, Micahel Caputo, Julie Chao, Lee Chao, David Cole, Dean M. Connor, Jr., Peter Cotton, Nancy DeMore, Thomas Dix, Ragan DuBose-Morris*, Ryan Downey*, Carol Feghali Bostwick, Bruce Frankel, Sebastiano Gattoni-Celli, Mark George, Amanda Giles*, Gary Gilkeson, Michael Gold, Dieter Haemmerich, Perry Halushka, Samar Hammad, Joseph Helpern, Stanley Hoffman, Ayad Jaffa , Jens Jensen, Thomas Keane, Teresa Kelechi*, Charles Kellner, Daniel Knapp, Isuru Kumarasinghe, Chan Lam, Les Lenert*, Anthony Leonard*, Christopher Lindsey, Xiang Liu, Jian Liu, Maria Lopes-Virella, Coleen Martin, Bonnie Martin-Harris*, Harold May, Anthony Mennito, Thomas Morinelli, Omar Moussa, Rupak Mukherjee, Stephen Nelson, Danforth Newton, James Norris, Besim Ogretmen, Sachin Patel*, Yuri Peterson, Philip Privitera, Walter Renne, J. Matthew Rhett, Baerbel Rohrer**, Joseph Ruscito , John Schaefer*, Michael Schmidt, Lynn Schnapp, Christian Schwabe, Mark Semler, Beju Shah*, Inderjit Singh, Kenneth Spicer, Robert Stroud, Natalie Sutkowski, Zdzislaw Szulc, Stephen Tomlinson**, Elena Tourkina, Frank Treiber*, Thomas Trusk, Jonathan Turner*, Mark H. Van Horn, Gabriel Virella, John Vournakis**, Jompbe Vuthiganon, Dennis Watson, Jerry Webb, Brandon Welch*, Caroline Westwater, Michelle Woodbury*, Patrick Woster, Jennifer Wu, Michael Yost**, Michael Zile

*Honorary Members

**Fellows of the Academy