Sloppy Mountain

Students at MUSC participating in Sloppy Mountain interprofessional game

Based on the popular escape room phenomenon, Sloppy Mountain Medical Center is MUSC’s unique teamwork challenge, which is played entirely on-line. The game is grounded in interprofessional health care delivery and takes place in a simulated hospital setting. Working in small teams, players must problem-solve collaboratively, communicate clearly, and work together under time-constraints in order to discharge patients and clean up a very disorganized and confusing virtual medical center.

As of 2019, at MUSC the game has been played by 440 teams comprising of 1620 students. Participants have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the value of the game in enhancing their training.

The game is available to for trial demonstration purposes and can be hosted for outside organizations for a small fee. Participants do not need to have a medical education or background,

Learning Objectives of the Activity 

  1. Players identify challenges and solutions as they communicate complicated information to each other in a clear and concise manner
  2. Players will experience the challenge and importance of seeking information from all available sources, working as a team to solve problems, and carrying-out complex, multi-step tasks under the pressure of time constraints
  3. Players will practice listening and responding to the needs of other team members in order to solve problems collectively
  4. Players will develop strategies to communicate their own needs to the team in a clear and assertive manner to support of overall team success
  5. Players will see the importance of monitoring team progress as well as providing task-relevant support and assistance to other team members

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