Office of Health Promotion

Guided by the MUSC mission, the Office of Health Promotion (OHP) leads an interdisciplinary effort through collaborative action to increase individual and collective health and well-being at MUSC and in the communities we serve.

Mission Statement

The OHP strives to inspire, create and maintain an environment at MUSC that supports healthy lifestyle choices to enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

Vision Statement

The OHP aims to create a culture of wellbeing to support a thriving workforce and community.

Operational Framework

  • Leverage policies, create innovative programs and transform the built environment
  • Align, promote and expand health and wellness initiatives
  • Develop and enhance partnerships between diverse stakeholders
  • Lead by example

Workplace Well-being

As a designated Center of Excellence by the South Carolina Hospital Association's Working Well Initiative, the MUSC Office of Health Promotion provides leadership in our community and across the state to create healthy workplace environments, positively impacting the health and wellness of our state's workforce. In addition to serving as a resource for healthy hospitals, we are impacting the health of the business community through the development of the South Carolina Healthy Business Challenge, a free program designed to helping organizations create a culture of wellness and make health a priority at work.

Located at 17 Ehrhardt Street, Suite 5, OHP serves as an organization-wide resource for multi-disciplinary health promotion and wellness programs and initiatives open to MUSC care team members, students as well as the communities we serve.