Health-Promoting Campus

Medical District Greenway

Located in the heart of the Charleston Medical District Greenway is a place for patients to heal, a place for friends and family to connect, and an outdoor meeting space for colleagues.


MUSC is committed to promoting a healthy, tobacco-free environment for its employees, faculty, students, visitors and patients.

Walking Trails

MUSC Medical Mile

Need a break? Try adding a wellness break into your daily routine. Take a walk around campus following the MUSC Medical Mile (PDF). Start anywhere and make a loop back to where you began and you'll clock 1.17 miles.

Indoor Wellness Walk

Talk a walk inside. The Wellness Walk (PDF) total length from beginning to end (from the Dental Clinic building to Rutledge Tower) provides a half mile of climate-controlled walking. A cool one-mile round trip. Start anywhere and end at any point.

Walking with a partner increases your chances of staying with an ongoing walking program. Looking for a walking partner? Post your details on the Office of Health Promotion Yammer page.