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The MUSC Office of Health Promotion is excited to unveil the latest perk for our MUSC family – a refreshed and revamped virtual health and wellness program: Imagine U!

First launched as part of our MUSC 2020 strategic plan, this rewards-based program has seen more than 6,800 staff and students participate in unique challenges and access resources focused on improving their physical, mental and emotional health.

This relaunch includes a move to Microsoft Teams, easy on-the-go access, videos from personal trainers, nutrition tips from expert dietitians, mental health resources from our MUSC resiliency clinic and more. And best of all, it's still free! This rewards-based program offers fun and convenient ways to integrate care for your mind and body into a busy life.

Whether you’re a seasoned participant or new to the program, there's something for everyone. Go solo, form a team or partner with someone to complete challenges as you pursue your unique health and well-being journey. Participation is entirely voluntary, though internal competitions are encouraged to improve teamwork and cheer on fellow team members!

To get started, open Microsoft Teams, click on the Teams icon, select "Join or create a team" and enter the code u1due22. You should then immediately receive access to the Imagine U team.

Watch a brief video tutorial on joining the Imagine U Team & start your wellbeing journey today!

 Building Well-Being Together

Imagine U is an enterprise-wide, well-being program that partners with employees to take their health and wellness to a whole new level. To date, more than 10,000 MUSC employees have participated in the digital well-being program. 

Know Your Numbers

As Imagine U aims to equip Care Team Members with the tools and resources necessary to achieve optimal well-being, and doing so encourages all Employees to "know their numbers" by using a simple, confidential and effective Heath Risk Assessment tool that will provide them with the  information necessary to set and achieve personalized well-being goals and improve overall health outcomes.

Complete the following steps to get started:

  • Know Your Numbers: Height, weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, and fasting blood sugar. If an employee uses MyChart, the numbers can be found there IF those tests have been performed by an MUSC provider since the launch of MyChart. Employees who don’t use MyChart should contact their care provider directly. If an employee hasn’t had those tests done in the past year, he or she may register for a free screening.
  • Complete the Health Risk Assessment: Access the Imagine U catalog via MyQuest and complete the brief confidential Health Risk Assessment provided by the American Heart Association.
  • Set Your Goals & Complete a Challenge: Using your HRA results, set your health goals and select a category from the various areas of well-being listed in the Imagine U catalog. Once you identify a category that aligns with your goal and individual needs, review the various challenges within that category and enroll in one that interests you. Earn points toward exciting incentives with every challenge that you complete!