Physical Activity

Sitting is the new smoking. Researchers report that the amount of time a person spends sitting each day is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and death. What is more, regular exercise may not be enough to offset this risk. The challenge for many is that their job responsibilities require them to be seated for most if not all of their work hours. For that reason, it's important that both employees and employers take steps to create an environment that helps them move more.

Through our participation in the SC Working Well program, MUSC Office of Health Promotion has been working to establishing a culture of wellness where being active is the norm by providing access and opportunity for physical activity during the workday. On July 12, 2013, we were awarded the Gold Medal for achieving the highest standards in creating a physically active workplace. Our work in this area has been supported by a resolution passed by the MUSC Board of Trustees, which encourages employees to "participate in healthy activities such as preventative screenings and assessments, physical activity, weight management, tobacco cessation, healthy food, and stress management" during their breaks during the workday.

MUSC Moves is our physical activity campaign designed to provide changes in policies, improvements in the environment, and increased opportunities and resources to promote physical activity at work. The following programs were designed to accommodate our diverse population in terms of fitness levels, interests, and work schedules so that all employees can participate and benefit from MUSC Moves.

Adventure Out

Adventure Out offers free outdoor yoga classes in city parks taught by MUSC Health Wellness Center instructors. The classes aim to help people turn over a new leaf and discover the many benefits of green exercise.

Lime Bike Share

All MUSC employees receive 70 percent off Lime E-Bike Share Program! Be sure to just register with your MUSC email address. For more information, visit the Lime website.

Health & Wellness Institute

The MUSC Health and Wellness Institute offers evidence-based wellness services and programs directly to the community designed to enable individuals to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Their expert trainer provides highly effective and individualized interventions in human performance.

Wellness Center

The MUSC Health Wellness Center is home to the national, award-winning Healthy Charleston Challenge program, among others, and also partner with MUSC Sports Medicine for injury-prevention clinics.

Walking Trails

MUSC Medical Mile

Need a break? Try adding a wellness break into your daily routine. Take a walk around campus following the MUSC Medical Mile (PDF). Start anywhere and make a loop back to where you began and you'll clock 1.17 miles.

Indoor Wellness Walk

Talk a walk inside. The Wellness Walk (PDF) total length from beginning to end (from the Dental Clinic building to Rutledge Tower) provides a half mile of climate-controlled walking. A cool one-mile round trip. Start anywhere and end at any point.

Walking with a partner increases your chances of staying with an ongoing walking program. Looking for a walking partner? Post your details on the Office of Health Promotion Yammer page.