About Health Solutions

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MUSC Health Solutions is the ventures division of MUSC Health, dedicated to the identification, evaluation and development of solutions for the sake of radical innovation. We think like private equity such that total investment equals total return. Our goal is to execute rapid deployment of innovative healthcare delivery solutions and/or products to market that address identified pain points.

MUSC Health Solutions was founded in 2019 as the skunkworks division for the Health System – experimental, small and nimble, and functioning independently for the sake of radical innovation. Over the past few years, Solutions has become more than this. We have grown our portfolio to include over 100 pipeline solutions. In the past two and a half years, we have invested, joint ventured, partnered, and innovated by applying a robust process of identification, evaluation, development, and delivery of the most disruptive and impactful ideas that have entered our pipeline.

Who We Are

  • MUSC Health Solutions evaluates initiatives through a consumer experience, equity, and commercialization lens.
  • We are a skunkworks division.
    • A skunkworks project is a project developed by a relatively small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation.
  • We think like private equity: Total Investment + Total Return and manage a portfolio of partners.

How We Function

  • All projects that come into the Health Solutions’ pipeline are evaluated through a robust process and in coordination with MUSC Health System leadership.
  • Health Solutions works with MUSC Health System executive leadership, and we are populating our pipeline daily with potential opportunities. Often times, leadership will present us with a pain point or a vendor that may provide value. The Solutions team will conduct an internal search to determine if there is a need for the product or service. If a pain point is identified, Solutions will seek out a solution for the problem.
  • Health Solutions team continuously seeks feedback from clinical providers and departments as to pain points they are seeing in the health system.
  • The idea is that there is some problem we are solving, which is why we refer to all our initiatives as “solutions” and each of them follow the same lifecycle. Whether a technology platform, a co-developed concept, or piloting a technology, the Solutions team will conduct a thorough analysis, the solution will undergo development, and the team will support the delivery process.
  • A solution may enter the pipeline and skip phases of the Solutions lifecycle based on its needs and could require any level of engagement from the Solutions team; i.e. projects may be in the early stages of evaluation, in development, or actively deployed when they come through our pipeline for the first time.

Core Objectives

We support MUSC's mission and vision towards innovation through extensive internal market analyses, proof-of-concept pilots, strategic investments, and new commercial business partnerships.

Whether this be piloting a new technology, product/service, or company, the Solutions teams is equipped with skills and dedicated resources to take concepts to the next level. We leverage our internal and external network of experts to build a business case, refine the value proposition, and deliver the solution. Our internal team has experience in project management, business case development, and proforma creation. We have access to equity funding and a pool of knowledgeable advisors allowing us, if appropriate, to take an idea to a prototype, to an MVP, to a final product.

We are actively seeking:

  • Inventors looking to pilot new technology in clinical settings
  • Researchers looking for business minded individuals to move their research into application
  • Commercialize-able healthcare products or services
  • Vendors or individuals looking to co-develop programs, products, or services
  • Strategic investment opportunities

Our ventures seek to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of healthcare for every human being.