Instructional technology pioneer, educator, leader and mentor retires July 31

August 02, 2022
Dr. Mary Mauldin gave the lecture at the 2021 James W. Colbert Lecture and Faculty Awards Ceremony and spoke about digital transformation on campus. Photo by Jonathan Coultas

When it comes to excellence in supporting MUSC’s missions, no one is more dedicated than Mary P. Mauldin, Ed.D. For almost three decades, Mauldin has been a pioneer in bringing MUSC forward in the areas of instructional technology, innovation, interprofessional education and mentorship to students, staff and faculty. And many on campus agree that it’s through her work, energy and commitment that her legacy will have an indelible impact on generations to come. 

Mauldin, a professor and executive director of the Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources, retires after 29 years of service to MUSC on July 31. She was celebrated for her many contributions in a public celebration given by her peers, faculty and staff members and students on July 13 at the Drug Discovery Building. 

Always open to exploring new ideas, incorporating new tools and supporting the evolution of technology in the clinical, educational and research environment, Mauldin has been responsible for the continued evolution of technology and teaching methods on campus. She’s successfully collaborated with others to establish an interprofessional environment for learning, discovery and healing through the education of health care professionals and health science researchers.

MUSC President David J. Cole praised Mauldin for her many years of service to MUSC and reflected on her impact at MUSC, explaining that it’s rare today for someone to believe in and stay with an organization for the number of years that she has.

Dr. Mary Mauldin speaks at her retirement celebration 
Dr. Mary Mauldin thanks guests and shares her thoughts at a July 13 campus celebration honoring her 29-year career and retirement at MUSC. Photo by Nancy Carney

"I think it says a lot about Mary’s passion for our mission, and in particular, for enabling a high-quality education for our students. Over the decades she spent here, Mary played a major role in helping MUSC embrace the educational and technological revolutions of our time, as well as playing an integral role in developing, deploying, and evolving our interprofessional curriculum. That curriculum is now a national model for other institutions seeking to have their students gain more experience working in multidisciplinary teams.

Cole explained that most recently, Mauldin teamed up with individuals in Emergency and Risk Management to create a new curriculum around emergency preparedness related to MUSC learnings and innovations achieved during the pandemic. “She’s is revered and adored by her students and fellow faculty, and has been a known and trusted voice on numerous academic committees. I often hear words like “team player,” “respectful,” “integrity,” and “innovator” when Mary is described, and I think all who have worked with her would agree that she’s those things and more.”

Originally from Anderson, South Carolina, Mauldin joined MUSC in November of 1993 as an instructor and director of the Education Technology Lab in the Department of Educational Services. Throughout the next 16 years, she rose through the ranks as an associate professor and director  of the Center for Academic and Research Computing in the Department of Library Science and informatics. In that time, she built up the center by creating DVD/CD-ROM instructional–based programs with faculty and staff, created informational websites and other projects to expand her team’s expertise and to incorporate new technology and teaching methods for users on campus.

In 2006, she was instrumental in creating and launching MUSC’s Interprofessional Day - a unique interactive program that focused on collaboration and teamwork among students from all six colleges and health disciplines. Mauldin has been responsible for leading this annual daylong program and curriculum with the help of a supportive team of faculty and staff members from across campus. Today, the program reaches more than 1,800 MUSC students and faculty and staff members and is a nationally recognized model among academic health science centers for interprofessional collaboration and excellence.

In 2013, then-MUSC President Raymond Greenberg, M.D., Ph.D., recognized Mauldin for her success in bringing the newest technologies, products, tools and methodologies to campus. Greenberg presented Mauldin with a Presidential Merit Award and medallion. Mauldin was the 16th individual to receive this award during Greenberg’s tenure at MUSC.

“Mary is and remains one of my favorite people at MUSC,” said Greenberg upon learning of her retirement. “I couldn’t think of another person on campus who had benefited MUSC - all six colleges and students - in the manner that Mary has. When I think about her many contributions to campus, one that stands out is her role with the Presidential Scholars program - a program created to bring students from all six colleges together. Everyone seemed to have an amazing experience. Part of that was because of the mentorship and support of people like Mary who made it work,” he said.

Greenberg also took a moment to recognize her warmth, caring and compassion as a human being. “She’s a remarkable person - beloved by everyone who’s ever interacted with her. That’s a special and unique trait.”

Drs. Mary Mauldin and Daniel Lackland 
Dr. Daniel Lackland, right, was among dozens who congratulated Mauldin upon her retirement from MUSC.

From 2012 to present, Mauldin was named executive director of the Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources and associate director of education for the Office of Interprofessional Initiatives in the Division of Education and Student Life, where she and her team leads instructional technology and instructional systems support, maintains classroom technology and provides technical support for distance education classes (WebCT) and video conferencing, plus organized innovative faculty groups and led the campus in digital transformation efforts.

In spring of 2020 and during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her team quickly pivoted to provide integrative remote learning strategies, instructional technology tools and course delivery models to assist faculty members and students in teaching and learning effectively under the confines of pandemic restrictions.

At her July 13 retirement celebration, leadership and colleagues presented Mauldin and her husband, Steve Mauldin, with a signed campus photograph. MUSC Provost Lisa Saladin, P.T., Ph.D., also presented her with a certificate of special recognition for her dedication and commitment to providing cutting–edge and innovative education on campus.

“It is hard to capture Mary’s diverse and outstanding contributions in words that do her justice,” Saladin said. “She is an outstanding leader, an innovator, a mentor, a facilitator, a team builder and a champion for excellence in education. Mary always brings creative solutions to any conversations about challenges ahead, and I love her “can-do” attitude. Her positivity is infectious, and she has earned the respect and admiration of all who know her. Maya Angelou once said ‘If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.’ Mary, your mark on MUSC will not be erased, and you will be missed more than words can express.”

It was announced at the celebration that the annual MUSC Interprofessional Day will be known as “Mary Mauldin Interprofessional Day.”

Finally, to mark the occasion of her retirement and contributions to the MUSC community, it was also announced that fund in Mauldin’s honor was established to support the MUSC Foundation – Student Services Fund #8898.

Thank you, Mary!

“Mary has been the amazing, energetic and talented executive director of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources since 2012. She has supported the colleges in moving forward in teaching technology and incorporating face-to-face and online education interventions that facilitate the success of our students. Her flexibility and creativity have allowed her to pivot as needed throughout the years as new education challenges have occurred. Her ability to mentor staff and faculty has led to so many successes in teaching in the classroom and online. She has worked to ensure our students are provided excellent teaching and education resources at MUSC. Her impact at MUSC has been vast and will not be forgotten.”
Georgette “Gigi” Smith, Ph.D., R.N.
Associate Provost for Education Innovation & Student Life

“Mary Mauldin’s contributions to MUSC have been innumerable. When we think about the characteristics of Mary’s achievements, we think about the significance of innovation and calculated risk–taking, along with the power of personal connection and really effective teams. For this reason, Interprofessional Day is hereafter renamed to the Mary P. Mauldin Interprofessional Day, to represent the influence of Mary’s enduring vision and values on MUSC faculty, staff and students.”
Jeffrey J. Borckardt, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost, Interprofessional Initiatives
Education Innovation & Student Life 

“I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Mary Mauldin closely over the past few years in the Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources. Beyond her many professional accomplishments, one of the greatest legacies that Mary leaves behind is the impact that she has had on the lives of those around her. Mary is one of the most compassionate, kind, and thoughtful people that I have ever met. Personally, I have learned so much from her about what it means to be a caring, gracious and effective leader. Her mentorship and guidance over these past years have helped me grow in innumerable ways, and I feel truly honored to have worked with her.” 
Mary McGraw Smith
Office of Instructional Technology & Faculty ResourcesEducation Innovation & Student Life

“Mary is one of those special people at an organization that seems to have been here since its inception. While she’s not THAT old (!), she’s absolutely shaped what MUSC has become. She has many remarkable talents, but the one that I think sets her apart is her ability to recognize opportunities for collaboration that have the potential to produce something new and innovative and then makes those introductions happen. She’s at heart a person who loves people, and her appreciation of others’ gifts and abilities has always drawn people to her. She sees the unique talents of others and sees how with the right partner or resource, something special is possible. Mary has made a tremendous impact at MUSC with this precious gift, to the benefit of us all, and especially our students.”
Suzanne Thomas, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Educational Planning & Effectiveness
Office of the Provost

“Mary is an irreplaceable gem who has changed lives at MUSC through her humble mentorship, open collaboration and support for innovation at all levels. She has been a tremendous example for me and inspires me to pay it forward. Thank you for these valuable lessons, Mary!”
Amanda K. Giles, OTD
Division of Occupational Therapy,
College of Health Professions

“Dedicated, focused, loyal, professional, driven are all words we use to describe Mary. But behind all those hard working attributes there is also the caring and compassionate side to Mary. She is one of the kindest and most honest people you are ever likely to meet. I have been fortunate to call Mary my boss for my entire 25-year-long career here at MUSC. She has not only taught me how to be a professional, she has also made me a better person. I owe so much to Mary and a few words on paper can never be enough to express my gratitude. MUSC will miss Mary, but I don’t think anyone will miss her as much as me.”
Jonathan Coultas
Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources, Education Innovation & Student Life

“Mary has worked with the College of Dental Medicine since the very inception of educational technology and has been an invaluable resource to both me as an educator and to the college. She helped with our early ventures into digital coursework in the late 90s. She and her team have always supported educational technology, throughout the University’s accreditation initiatives (anyone remember C3?) and also have supported faculty education in technology through the Apple Tree society and many other programs. Mary was ALWAYS working. ALWAYS working! She will be greatly missed but leaves a legacy of trained educators thanks to her tireless efforts. We wish her the best in her retirement.”
Elizabeth S. Pilcher, D.M.D.
Department of Oral Rehabilitation,
James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

“My words could not possible due justice to what an exceptional person Mary is. I can say that she was a mentor and friend for the last 18 years as we worked together in the area of instructional technology, and what a tremendous benefit that was to me, personally and professionally. What great luck it was for me to have had the opportunity to get to know her and watch her work. While I’ll miss working with Mary, in my mind, she won’t be far, and I hope she’s proud and satisfied with the indelible impressions she’s made. Very best wishes to Mary!”
Dusti Annan-Coultas, Ed.D.
Office of Interprofessional Initiatives,Education Innovation & Student Life

“When I initially met Mary, I had an instant feeling of trust! She steered my in the right direction, and I felt an instant connection. I think maybe this could have been due to having educational experiences in public education in common before MUSC. She was on point in direction, and the advice she has shared with me since has only furthered my professional advancement. Mary taught me the true act of reflection, and I often think to myself, “What would Mary say?” before sharing or my communicating my thoughts. Be kind and care - people need to know you care!  It makes work fun and feels so good to see smiles!”
Kimberly LW Kascak
Office of Interprofessional Initiatives,
Education Innovation & Student Life

“On behalf of the Office of Innovation, I’d like to express our gratitude that we’ve had the opportunity to work with Mary for the past several years. Mary is a staunch supporter of our faculty and students, a champion for the role of education in our tripartite mission and an absolute pleasure to have as a partner. Mary has led the education track during Innovation Week for the last four years, and each year she pulls together programming that is second to none and has the largest audience as well. Mary is always ready to roll up her sleeves to help with anything that needs to get done, and despite being incredibly busy, she always takes the time to write personal thank you letters to ensure that everyone with whom she works understands their value. Mary is an icon on campus and will be missed.”
Jesse Goodwin, Ph.D.
MUSC Chief Innovation Officer

“As a junior faculty member, I was named as faculty for the Presidential Scholars Program. Through this unique and innovative interprofessional training program, I was able to work with Mary and her team on a variety of projects. Mary was an influential role model to me as a young faculty member and taught me many valuable lessons about interprofessional teams and health care education. Her legacy will continue to shine through all of those with whom she has influenced.”
Terrence E. Steyer, M.D.
Interim Dean, College of Medicine

“Dr. Mary Mauldin’s leadership and mentorship have been an ongoing blessing to me throughout my career at MUSC. She has been a consistent resource to the faculty of the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine. I am very grateful for her patient help and support. Mary is a tireless advocate for learners and educators. As a relatively junior faculty member, she invited me to join her to provide the keynote address for a national health education conference. This was a significant opportunity for me and provided countless professional memories that I will always cherish. I’m honored to count her as a mentor and friend, and I am so thankful for the countless ways that she has impacted and served our campus.”
Lindsey Morrow Hamil, Ph.D.
Director of Education,
James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

“Mary has been a true mentor to me and to many other people. I first met Mary in spring 2020 during COVID when MUSC Health was creating the West Ashley Medical Pavilion (WAMP) drive-through COVID test site. She came up and introduced herself: ‘Hi I’m Mary Mauldin, and how can I help?’ Mary provided help as we coordinated with Clemson Bioengineering in setting up the WAMP site. Later, we worked together to develop two popular emergency preparedness classes (interprofessional) for health care leaders and getting it going. Mary’s an amazing person and so caring, especially as a mentor and teacher. She helped develop  an elective class for second- and third-year interprofessional students. From the start of the pandemic, we adopted an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ mentality where MUSC’s true leaders came forward to provide help, and Mary was among those first people. The pandemic helped to create a close relationship between us and I’m thankful for that. Thank you and congratulations Mary!”
Erik Modrzynski
MUSC Health, Ambulatory EHS & Emergency Management