MUSC Health Midlands celebrates first anniversary

August 03, 2022
A tall woman hugs a shorter one. The tall woman is Susan Burroughs, associate chief executive officer, MUSC Health Columbia Medical Center Northeast. The other woman is Pam Roberts, lab director at MUSC Health Kershaw Medical Center.
Susan Burroughs, associate chief executive officer for MUSC Health Columbia Medical Center Northeast, left, hugs Pam Roberts, director of the laboratory at MUSC Health Kershaw Medical Center. Photos by Kathryn Van Aernum

Things were warm in more ways than one on a steamy August day as the MUSC Health-Midlands Division celebrated its first anniversary. There were hugs and smiles and applause as people gathered in Midlands’ four locations to mark the occasion.

“Now, we’re part of the family,” said Pam Roberts, lab director for MUSC Health Kershaw Medical Center. It’s one of four sites that make up the Midlands Division. The other three are MUSC Health Columbia Medical Center DowntownMUSC Health Columbia Medical Center Northeast and MUSC Health Fairfield Emergency and Imaging.

Man at podium speaks to group of people sitting in chairs under a tent. The speaker is Terry Gunn, CEO of the MUSC Health Midlands Division. 
Terry Gunn, CEO of the Midlands Division, speaks to employees at MUSC Health Columbia Medical Center downtown.

“The laboratory had a complete makeover this past year. Being under a lab management contract since 2012, the lab care team members have always worked at Kershaw Health. Now we belong,” Roberts said.

Women sitting in chairs smile. One in particular smiles at the camera. Most are wearing matching blue shirts. 
Employees gather at MUSC Health Columbia Center Northeast to celebrate.

That feeling of belonging was echoed by Terry Gunn, chief executive officer of the Midlands Division. “The biggest change for our care team members has been a feeling of being brought into our forever home. We are so excited to be part of MUSC Health and look forward to anchoring the Midlands of South Carolina. Our future is now bright, and we have a clear path on how we can better serve our communities.”

Group of people in medical garb pose in a hallway in Fairfield. 
MUSC Health Fairfield Emergency and Imaging employees on the day of the anniversary celebration.

He said patients are pleased, too. “There have been so many times that I’ve been stopped by people around our communities that have expressed their excitement around having MUSC in their community. Many have been long-term recipients of care at our physician practices and local facilities, and they are pleased we’ve infused stability and a strong future here.”

Four people stand together smiling at the camera. It's one woman and three men. They are wearing medical garb. L-R Steve Shugart, Director Chaplaincy, Tallulah Holmstrom, CMO Midland's Division; Dr Mac Leppard, Andrew W., Chaplain   
From left, Steve Shugart, chaplaincy director; Tallulah Holmstrom, chief medical officer of the Midlands Division; Dr. Mac Leppard; and Andrew Weems, hospice chaplain, celebrate while wearing MUSC Health blue.

MUSC Health bought the four sites in the Midlands Division as part of its quest to offer high-quality specialized care to people around the state. In 2019, hospitals in the Chester, Florence Lancaster and Marion areas joined MUSC Health.

Gunn said it’s important to try to ensure everyone can get the care they need. “We truly want to serve the entire Midlands region, and we are able to do that with our expansive network of clinics, hospitals and emergency rooms. From Winnsboro to Camden and Elgin to West Columbia, we have the right providers and care team members in place to offer exceptional care. I think that is what is most exciting for our community. It doesn’t matter where they live, they now have access to all MUSC has to offer.” 

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