MUSC honors employees for commitment and passion

December 05, 2022
Dr. Prabhakar Baliga in an office. The chairman of the Department of Surgery is wearing a white doctor's coat and smiling.
Dr. Prabhakar Baliga is one of this year's Service Awards honorees. The chair of the Department of Surgery has worked at MUSC for 30 years. Photo by Sarah Pack

The 2022 MUSC Service Awards were announced on Nov. 30, honoring employees who completed a decade or more with MUSC. Award winners received an email invitation to view a special message from MUSC leadership.

“Thank you for all you've done for us,” said MUSC first lady Kathy Cole in the video. “Thank you for your commitment and your time and your passion for helping others. Thank you for being part of our family.”

MUSC President David Cole is wearing a navy suit coat and a tie. He's speaking while his wife, Kathy, listens. She is wearing a pink top. The photo is from a video for the 2022 Service Awards. 
MUSC President Dr. David Cole and his wife Kathy congratulate Service Award winners via video.

Service awards are given to employees who reach milestones in their service to MUSC. In total, MUSC recognized 805 employees across the enterprise with service awards this year. Of those employees, 100 were honored for 30 or more years of service, including two who had completed 50 years of service. Altogether, the 2022 Service Award honorees have worked 26,020,800 cumulative hours and have a total of 12,510 cumulative years of service.

Due to COVID-19, honored employees will receive their milestone awards via mail, and 30-, 40-, and 50-year honorees will coordinate with home unit business managers to receive their personalized framed photos. Included in the mailing will also be a postcard from the president and first lady.

“On a day when we celebrate your incredible service, I thank you for your achievements and your tireless commitment,” said MUSC President David J. Cole, M.D., FACS.

MUSC University employees 30-40 years

40 Years: Mary Brigid Allen, Engineering & Facilities/Administration; Linda McCarson, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Elizabeth S. Pilcher, DMD, College of Dental Medicine

30 Years: Vertonya Perry Anderson, Library; John E. Baatz, PhD, Pediatrics; Prabhakar K. Baliga, MD, Department of Surgery; Theresa H. Barnes, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Narayan R. Bhat, PhD, Neurosciences; Melvin D. Butler, College of Dental Medicine; Thomas Karl Byrne, MBBCh, Department of Surgery; Wayne R. Fitzgibbon, PhD, Department of Medicine/Nephrology; Melanie A. Floyd, Pediatrics; Sandra S. Garner, PharmD, College of Pharmacy; Dwight Gore, Wellness Center; Philip D. Hall, PharmD, College of Pharmacy, Deans Office; Mark B. Hamner, MD, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Suellen Hawkins, Department of Medicine/Infectious Disease; Kathie L. Hermayer, MD, MS, Department of Medicine; Pamela A. King-Hartzell, Department of Medicine/Infectious Disease; Cindy Laverne Knotts, Department of Surgery; Frances W. Lee, DBA, College of Health Professions; Kimberly Astrid Orr, AuD, Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery; Sunil J. Patel, MD, NeuroSurgery; Elizabeth A. Poth, AuD, Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery; Carol L. Wagner, MD, Pediatrics; Mark T. Wagner, PhD, Neurology; Marie Alston Watson, Office of Enrollment Management

MUSC Health employees 30-50 years

50 Years: Irish R. Wright, General Accounting

40 Years: Valerie Ballard, Laboratory ‒ Clinical; J. W. Bradley, Application Integration; Mary Ann S. Carter, Education; Abigail A. Clark, Art 4E; Barbara Harris, Emergency Room; Patricia M. Houser, Histopathology & Special Stains; Jack F. Scheuer, MCP Kershaw Shp-Camden; Primary Care Ann H. Shuler, Med Records File Retrieval; Bobbi G. Strickland, Radiology – Diagnostic; Mary S. Thrasher, Main OR Surgery; Audrey Lee Wilder, Periop Call Center

30 Years: Kelli C. Bailey, Respiratory / PFT; David B. Barino, Plant Operations; Ann Benton, Therapeutic Services; Brenda J. Brown, Med/Surg (Unit/Floor 7); Donna N. Brown, Cardio-Cath Lab; Elnora H. Brown, Environmental Services; Gretchen Brown, Radiation Oncology/Combined; Johnnetta L. Buncum, 7 East Med Surg Unit; Tracy R. Burgess, Star – Ladson; Angela W. Coleman, Laboratory-Clinical Laboratory; Miles E. Davis, Cardiac Surgical Step-Down Unit; Traci L. Dennis, Administrative & General; Charlie W. Devlin, MCP Providence Heart Camden; Cassandra A. Dickerson, Registration Admin; John R. Evans, Bedboard; Melanie Brown Feaster, AMB Preop Clinic; Jeffery Allan Felesky, IS Infrastructure Operations; Mary Hughes Fischer, Clinical Informatics & Reg/Compliance; Donna E. Gallahorn, SJCH 1 Outpatient Services; Gilbert Neal Gilmore, Plant Maintenance; Terri D. Hall, Inpatient Acute – PT; Teresa Ann Harrison, Radiology Business Administration; Patsy R. Hawkins, Inservice Education; Pansy R. Henry, Standard Nur Home Care Hall 2; Shelia L. Hicks, Labor & Delivery; Crystal Deese Howell, MCP Flor Physician Practices Admin; Janet W. Hyman, Corp Quality - Flo Direct; Karen C. Isgett, MCP Pamplico Primary Care; Norma M. Khoury, MCP Providence Heart; Laurel ST; Alexander Lee King, Application Integration; Rebecca P. Lawrimore, OB; Mary Martschink Mccall, Perfusion Services; Dorothea D. Mauzon, MCP Providence Heart Columbia NE; Janet Mccowan, Operating Room; Sharon B. Mcleod, Nursing Supervisor; Sonja B. Muckenfuss, CH After Hrs & Spec Clinics S'ville; Charles R. Parker, Plant Operations; Karen Brinker Pregnall, Laboratory Svcs Education Program; Denise Katherine Robinson-Mcgee, CT; Gabriella F. Robosson, MCP Kershaw Shp-Camden Primary Care; Lisa Sand, MCP Providence Heart Columbia DT; Martha Smith, Bruce Hall / Detox; Michelle Audrey Vandermaas, Child Life Pediatrics; Francisco C. Vila, Open Heart Surgery Unit; Carolyn M. Wagner, Nursing Supervisor; Stacie C. Ward, Cardiac Rehab; Catherine Williams, Respiratory / PFT

MUSC-P 30-40 years

40 Years: Bonnie T. Jones

30 Years: Bridget H. Conklin; Constance E. Elrod; Karen S. Majors; Angela Z. Malphrus; Priscilla A. Miller Laviscount; Teri W. Moody; Sharon D. Rakes; Donna D. Simmons; Pandora M. Speights; Rebecca M. Walker; Tasia Georgianna Walsh; Penelope D. Washington

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