Innovation Week June 15-19 on blue background

Poster Session

Thank you for participating in the MUSC Innovation Week 2020 Poster Session! Each poster reflects how an MUSC individual or team is creatively problem solving to create impact for MUSC and those that we serve. We are excited to provide this opportunity to share ideas and inspire others. You are changing what’s possible and we are proud to be a part of it.

- Jesse Goodwin, Chief Innovation Officer


Caucasian female researcher holding up a test tube to the light

Pursuit of knowledge or data leading to new technology development or discoveries.


Group of students huddled around a laptop

Programs, methods, or tools supporting learning opportunities, or operational support thereof.


Nurse holding hand of patient

Innovations related to patient care or experience, and the administration or operational support thereof.

Select one of the categories to view posters. Be sure to select your top choice is each category prior to voting!