Innovation Week June 15-19 on blue background

Shark Tank

The Sharks have spoken

With recognition to all participants and finalists, the following ideas were selected by our judges as winners at the Shark Tank event held on Thursday, June 18th:



Poster 23-C: Listening to Women (LTW) – A Mental Health and Substance Use Screening and Treatment Program for Pregnant & Postpartum Women

Constance Guille, Lauren Shipley, Erin Quielgy, Nicole Dietrich, Lizmarie Maldonado, Annie Simpson, Anna Kerr, Rubin Aujla, Ryan Kruis, Tomoko Goddard, Kathryn King


Poster 6-E: Care and Safety Resource (CSR) Avatar
Brittany Meibers, Lindsey De Jesus, Natasha Smalls, Kai Jenkins, Heather Toeppner, April Roscoe, Corrie Scharrenberg, Elizabeth Glover, David G. Bundy



Poster 4-R: The Future Preprocedural Planning for Aortic Valve Disease
Andres F. Abadia, Jeremy R. Burt, Brian C. Dean, Richard Bayer, U. Joseph Schoepf, Madison Kocher