Businesswoman using digital x-ray human brain interface with cell and neurons activity 3D rendering

Artificial Intelligence Hub

Our mission is to expand and promote the use, understanding and research of artificial intelligence and related technologies at MUSC. The goal is to weave artificial intelligence into MUSC’s tripartite mission to optimize human health through patient care, research and education. We will pursue the following initiatives to accomplish this mission. 

  • Provide a portal for industry, philanthropy and investors from the community and region to support and collaborate with MUSC within this expanding area of innovation. 
  • Develop and support AI technologies to improve population health, empower providers, enhance value and reduce cost in a manner that keeps ethics, diversity and inclusion at the forefront. 
  • Catalyze AI research at MUSC and its partners in pursuit of funding and leadership in the field both regionally and nationally.
  • Create productive relationships that produce high quality research and solidify MUSC as a leader in this field.