Upcoming Events

Fall Seminar Series


September 27, 4 P.M.

October 11, 4 P.M.

October 25, 4 P.M.

November 8, 4 P.M.

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Clemson-MUSC AI Hub Grant

The AI Augmentation Grant framework is aimed at fostering cross institutional collaboration. As such submitting teams should have a Principal Investigator representing Clemson and a Principal Investigator representing MUSC. If interested teams do not have an existing collaboration with research partners from the other institution, the Clemson-MUSC AI Hub will help identify potential partners. To facilitate this process, interested teams should submit a consult request to the Clemson-MUSC AI Hub. Once formed, joint teams will submit short internal proposals identifying how they plan to incorporate enhanced uses of AI into their upcoming extramural proposals. We anticipate that 2–4 teams will be chosen based on merit to receive seed funding to support their efforts to generate the preliminary results necessary to be successful in this effort, as well as grantsmanship guidance with crafting AI-specific elements for their extramural funding submissions.

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