Worksite Screening

Current Worksite Preventative Health Screenings

  • October 23- Wellness Center Auditorium (7-11 am)
  • November 14- Wellness Center Auditorium (7-11 am)

The screening, which is most accurate if you fast, includes blood work, a health risk appraisal, height and weight measurements, blood pressure, and lipid panels. Within about a week after your screening, you will receive, via US mail, your personal health profile highlighting any values outside the normal range. You can even send this report to your physician or take a copy with you on your next doctor's office visit, which may save you money and keep you from duplicating tests. View a detailed description of the screening components.

No-Pay Copay

PEBA Perks: This program encourages PEBA members to be more engaged in their health—and saves them money. It allows members with certain conditions to receive generic drugs at no cost. Participants qualify for the program on a quarterly basis. By completing certain activities in one quarter, they can receive certain generic drugs the next quarter.

Pricing Options for 2019

In 2019, the screening, a $300+ value in most health care settings, is provided free to employees, retirees, COBRA subscribers, and their covered spouses if their primary coverage is the Blue Cross Savings Plan (or MUSC Health Plan). According to the PEBA website, the zero co-pay applies to the basic screening, one per year. Optional tests are available at an additional charge. Note that results will be sent in about two weeks. Those not covered, or subsequent screenings will be $47 for the basic screening. 

*Please note that payment will be collected at the time of service/screening.

General Information

Basic Screening Includes

  • Lipid profile including total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. Protein, liver, and kidney enzymes (including BUN), as well as platelets, glucose, electrolytes, red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and white blood cells.

Optional Tests

Note: These tests can be added to the basic screening for a cost.

  • Cancer/Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Cost: $18.00 (males only)
  • Cancer/CA-125 Cost: $70.00 (females only)
  • Cardiovascular/C - Reactive Protein (CRP) Cost: $23.00
  • Cardiovascular/Homocysteine Cost: $26.00
  • Diabetes/Hemoglobin A1C Cost: $15.00
  • Blood Type: $15.00
  • Thyroid, 4-Panel: Cost: $18
  • Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy Cost: $50.00

There is a suggested 12-hour fast prior to your screening (you may have water and any required medications you may be taking). Participants are required to complete all components of this health screening. This includes height, weight, blood pressure, blood draw, and paperwork. Please bring your insurance card with you the day of the screening. Your insurance card ID number will be required when filling out paperwork. To save time, fill out the forms ahead of time:

Patient Information Consent Release Health Screening Form (PDF)

Wellness Screening Notice and Consent Form (PDF)