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In Our DNA SC is a community health research project launched by MUSC. The project will look at how your DNA affects your health. It may also help improve access to personalized health care and support new research discoveries for our community.

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In Our DNA SC aims to enroll 100,000 participants in genetic testing at no cost to you. You will receive confidential results about your genetic risk for certain cancers and heart disease. The project will also develop a secure and privacy-protected genetic and research database. Over time, the information in this database will help researchers learn what may cause certain diseases, how to treat them more effectively and help improve the standard of health care for all.

Who is Involved

MUSC logoMUSC is South Carolina’s only comprehensive academic health sciences center and is dedicated to changing what's possible in health care through our ongoing mission to provide excellence in patient care, education and research.

Helix logoMUSC has teamed up with Helix, a leading population genomics company, to deliver powerful genetic information to you for proactive health care planning.

What to expect

To participate in the In Our DNA SC research project you will need to review and sign a research consent form as well as provide a saliva sample (no blood is needed). Your saliva sample will be sent back to our partners at Helix for analysis. You will receive:

  • Your personal health risks

Your sample will be screened for three conditions that can be passed down in families and may put you at a higher risk for certain cancers and heart disease:

  1. Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
  2. Lynch Syndrome (Hereditary Colorectal Cancer)
  3. Familial Hypercholesterolemia (Genetic High Cholesterol).

If you test positive for one of the conditions being screened, you will be offered a genetic counseling appointment at no cost. However, any follow-up beyond initial genetic counseling will be considered clinical care and you or your insurance company will be responsible for payment.

  • Your genetic ancestry and traits

Your genetic ancestry report will show where your ancestors likely lived. Your traits report will explain how your genes may influence certain traits (such as your caffeine sensitivity).

  • How your participation helps researchers

As a part of our valued research community, we will keep you updated on how your data is helping advance scientific research.

My In Our DNA SC Experience

Man seated at a table with a laptop computer looks around while a woman with curly hair stands in front of him.

MUSC author, Kelly Warren, details her experience signing up for In Our DNA SC, and learning about her ancestry and traits.

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In Our DNA SC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

In Our DNA SC values diversity and encourages participation of all individuals in South Carolina. We recognize that lack of transparency and inappropriate use of data have caused mistrust among many communities about research. In Our DNA SC has taken steps to ensure transparency, data security, and partnership for our work. Our project is guided by a set of principles:

  • Inclusivity. We invite individuals from all backgrounds to participate in In Our DNA SC and seek to ensure those who participate are representative of South Carolina’s diverse population. Participant diversity is critical to the success of the project so that new research discoveries reflect the population.
  • Transparency. Participants have access to their information and are notified about how their data are used to advance research and precision medicine.
  • Data Security. We respect privacy and security of participant information. Information is stored in secure databases, we limit and closely monitor who can access data, and participants can choose to withdraw and stop sharing information at any time.
  • Impact. Participation in In Our DNA SC aims to empower individuals to become more informed about their health. New research insights will enable more personalized health care for all.
  • Partnership. We seek to partner with participants and are open to feedback and learning. We will communicate new discoveries. In Our DNA SC is committed to listening to our community, answering questions, and working together to provide personalized health care for all.

"Knowing is Better"

Francine Murray talks about the importance of knowing with In Our DNA SC

Taking the reins and making things happen is second nature to Francine Floyd Murray. DNA screening tests brought clarity to her health journey, and motivated her to be proactive.

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Ready to learn more? Have questions? Contact the In Our DNA SC study team by emailing us or calling 843-876-0582.