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How to Sign up and View Your Results

Precision medicine is an emerging field that is going to transform the future delivery of health care. Being a leader and helping to define this path is core to our mission. We are excited to partner with Helix to deploy this first-of-its-kind population genomic program for our patients. This collaboration will help drive preventive, precision health care for South Carolinians.

Dr. David J. Cole, M.D., FACS, MUSC president

How to Sign Up


If you already have an established MUSC MyChart Account, click on the blue “Sign Up Now Via MyChart” button above. You will be asked to login with your MUSC MyChart credentials which will then send you directly to the consent form.


If you do not have an established MUSC MyChart Account, you can use this link to create one, then return to the In Our DNA SC website and click on the blue “Sign Up Now Via MyChart” button.


Please read over the consent form carefully. You will be asked to answer questions regarding the consent form and research study before being able to provide your signature electronically at the bottom of the document. You can draw your electronic signature using your computer mouse, stylus, or finger if using a mobile device. Be sure to authorize your signature by clicking the checkbox below the electronic signature box.


Please note, there are two options we currently provide for sample collection. You will need to choose from one the following:


  • At-Home: a test kit will be mailed to the address provided in MyChart within one month of signing the consent form. Please note: Kits can only be shipped to a US mailing address and should be returned to Helix within 10 days of receipt.
  • In-Person: any participant enrolled in the study that is not receiving an at-home collection kit may provide their sample at any participating MUSC lab. No appointment is necessary to provide your sample at a participating lab, simply check-in with registration upon arrival. A comprehensive list of participating lab locations can be found on the “Where to Provide a Sample” webpage. Additionally, participants can provide a sample in-person at one of our In Our DNA SC collection events. Please view the MUSC’s Event Calendar to view upcoming In Our DNA SC collection events.

How to View Your Results

Once you have signed the informed consent and provided your sample, you will be able to view your results as they become available. Your genetic ancestry and traits results are typically ready within eight weeks of your sample being received by Helix. It takes an additional four to six weeks before your health results are ready to view, as extra steps are taken to ensure your health results are accurate.

Helix will email you as your results become available to view in the Helix online portal if you created a Helix account.

To view your results in the Helix online portal:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Sign In” at the top of the screen
  3. Select “Continue with your Online Health Account” 
  4. Select “Medical University of South Carolina” as your Health System 
  5. Login with your MyChart information
  6. You will be able to view your results by clicking on the arrows beside “Ancestry”, “Traits”, and “Health”, when they become available

Once your health results are available, they will be returned to your medical record and will be available in MyChart, under the “Test Results” tab and listed as “Helix Molecular Screen”. You will receive a MUSC Health MyChart message notification when the results are available. 

In Our DNA SC with Dr. Judge

Daniel Judge, M.D.

Advances in genetic medicine make it easier than ever to screen your DNA and determine your risk of many common diseases and conditions. Join Dr. Daniel Judge as he discusses this topic on a recent podcast.

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