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Small Group Training

Inside view of Studio Three in the Next Wave Performance Center.

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The Next Wave

The Next Wave is our new science based performance training center. The focus of The Next Wave is to improve performance training by bridging the gap between science and best practice.

The Next Wave offers clients the most innovative equipment providing strong scientific measurements and optimal results. James Johnson, voted best trainer in Charleston, is designing programs that are offered in this science based training center.

The Next Wave Performance Studio is equipped with innovative machines some of which are exclusive to the Wellness Center:

  • Jacobs Ladder
  • TRX apparatus with straps, bands, and RIP Trainer
  • Core-Tex Reactive Trainer
  • Concept 2 SkiErg Nordic Skiing machine
  • HIITMill X treadmill
  • Keiser Performance Trainer with high-low pulley system

The Next Wave Training Programs:

#1 Post/Pre-hab Sessions

Designed for participants recovering from musculoskeletal injuries and have completed medically supervised rehabilitation programs but are not back to pre-injury functional levels of performance. Awaiting musculoskeletal surgeries and want to improve recovery time and possible outcomes by going into surgery in the best possible shape. Suffering from chronic joint pain due to overuse, musculoskeletal imbalance and/or age, and/or disease related joint dysfunction.

#2 Health/Wellness/Fitness Sessions

The primary training goal for these sessions is to enhance physical well-being and improve daily functionality by enhancing: stamina, mobility, strength, stability with added focus on improving body composition.

#3 Performance/Sports Sessions

These sessions are designed for participants who want to focus on training for competitive activities and sports. Improving competitive outcomes requires not only higher levels of physical fitness but improvements in skill levels involving; speed, coordination, mobility, stability, power, focus, confidence, positive self-talk and mental imagery, and proper recovery. Available for all age groups and competition levels.

Program Fees:

55-Minute Sessions

One-On-One: 1 Session $75, 10 Sessions $675

Small Group (2-5 people): 10 Sessions $225

30-Minute Sessions:

One-On-One: 1 Session $40, 10 Sessions $360

Small Group (2-5 people): 10 Sessions $100

For more information and to reserve your training time please call

Additional Mini-Group Special Programs

Power Up Cardio Quest 

Our new ongoing program for strength and fitness athletes & enthusiasts who recognize their cardio-vascular fitness is a limiting factor that slows training progression and overall goals. This limiting factor can include but not limited to: reduced recovery, energy reduction, prolonged overall workout times, joint related issues that contribute to discomfort, instability or both, loss of drive, considerable slowing of measurable results and dissatisfaction with overall athletic appearance. 

This is a small group program (3 to 5) of likeminded and motivated participants who are prepared to break through mental & physical barriers in their quest for next level fitness or athletic goals. You will train in the beautiful and motivating “Next Wave Studio” with highly skilled, encouraging and motivated trainers & coaches. 

Offered 4 times a week - more times to come:
Monday/Wednesday at 7am, Wednesday/Friday at 12pm.

Ongoing program, access classes at any time with your punch card:

  • 4 workouts $40
  • 8 workouts $64
  • 10 workouts $75

Participants will be provided with recovery suggestions and activities to maintain high energy levels and training consistency.



Knee-Rx Program

This program is for anyone experiencing knee: pain/discomfort that surgical intervention has been ruled out, knee stiffness, knee weakness/instability and /or an overall lack of confidence in your knees prevents you from enjoying active lifestyle. Building strength and mobility in your hips, quads, hamstrings, ankles & feet are key to long term knee health for those wanting to substantially reduce or eliminate knee pain and the risk of it returning.

Knee-Rx is a Joint-by-Joint Approach (Physical Therapy developed) supported training system that takes into account the global effect of joint issues! In other words; if one link in the chain is disrupted, the entire chain will be compromised. The idea is to return the lower & upper kinetic chain (joints of the lower & upper body) back to optimal performance.

Knee-Rx is an ideal supplement to your existing conditioning regiment that will improve; the comfort, mobility, stability of the knees and the strength of the surrounding muscles. Additionally you will learn insight into structural training that will help improve the results of training regimen you are already practicing!

Program Fees:

6 sessions, 30 minutes, $120. Price includes pre and post evaluation that will demonstrate the effectiveness of this program.

For more information and to reserve your training time please call 843-792-4141