Temporary Injuries and Illness

Unexpected injuries and illnesses can happen to anyone at any time. Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) may be able to provide some assistance.

The process to apply for accommodations can take up to four weeks. It can also take a few days to put accommodations or services in place. Registering with DEI may not be appropriate for injuries and illnesses only lasting a few weeks. 

Where to Start

  • Inform your instructors of the impact of your condition, specifically what effect you think it might have on meeting attendance or other class requirements (such as exams and deadlines). Communication is very important. If you send an urgent message by email, be sure to follow up.
  • Speak with your College Advising Office as they may be able to provide information about appropriate resources and assistance. They can also discuss whether taking a reduced course load, taking incompletes, or a leave of absence may be appropriate options. 
  • Call on your personal network of friends and classmates to help you out with things such as: copies of class notes, personal assistance, transportation to classes/appointments etc.
  • Contact your ADA Liaison to receive guidance on your college’s policies and procedures regarding attendance, temporary leave of absence and other policies that may relate to addressing your current condition,

Be mindful that certain practices and procedures may look different during the pandemic.

When to Register with DEI

Consider contacting DEI if you have a condition that will last more than a few days or weeks and:

  • your instructors need guidance from DEI on academic accommodations
  • you have classes or programs in classrooms that you cannot get to due to an injury
  • you have clinical obligations and are unable to meet them due to your temporary injury or incident.
  • your condition is preventing you from participating in your classes or clinicals (e.g., you are unable to take your own notes, you are no longer able to meet your clinical requirements, etc.)

Note: DEI has a registration process before accommodations can be provided and may need supporting documentation from your health care provider. We are not able to provide immediate accommodations. 

Please be aware that we cannot assist with things like: typing homework assignments, personal assistance (e.g., laundry), or transportation to off-campus medical appointments.

To Request Accommodations, click here: 
How to Request Accommodations