Diversity Trainings and Workshops

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Trainings and Workshops

NCBI Workshops

Appreciating Diverse Experiences

Seven hour training session designed to introduce participants to various aspects of diversity which include but are not limited to identifying the information and misinformation we learned about other groups, to learn how groups, other than our own, experience mistreatment, learn the personal impact of specific incidents of discrimination, and how to interrupt prejudicial jokes, remarks, and slurs.

Having Difficult Conversations

Four hour training session designed to assist individuals within a group setting on handling tough interpersonal/intergroup conflicts.

Train the Trainer

Three day session designed to train individuals to serve on the campus NCBI leadership team as trainers of the NCBI modules. Pre-Requisite: Welcoming Diversity or Handling Controversial Issues

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Virtual Workshops 

At the conclusion of the virtual sessions, participants will be able to do the following:
The Art of Teams Skills & Going Beyond Diversity and Inclusion –
• Identify methods for building effective teams;
• Recognize some information and misinformation learned about other groups;
• Examine personal biases and stereotypes that impact individuals, relationships and their own personal development.

An Introduction to Unconscious Bias –
• Recognize that diversity promotes healthier leadership and decision-making;
• Identify how bias and the process of the unconscious mind can impact critical healthcare decisions and results.
• Appreciate the impact of mitigating implicit bias on decisions in healthcare and education.
• Recognize some information and misinformation learned about other groups;

Exposure Workshops

One hour sessions designed to expose departments/units to the offerings of the Office of Training and Intercultural Education, including the prejudice reduction modules of the National Coalition Building Institute.

Student Workshops

Student workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the audience. The NCBI Leadership Team incorporates pertinent examples and dialogue that is relevant to the specific subtle nuances that may exist within specific health care professions in general and within diverse groups of people.

Appreciating Diversity & Inclusion and Team Skills

Three hour training session designed to accommodate the specific needs of diverse colleges and departments in introducing participants to various aspects of diversity as well as the mission, values and purpose of the Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and University.

Unconscious Bias Workshops

Led by Unconscious Bias Faculty Scholars (Dr. DaNine J. Fleming and Dr. Tamatha Psenka), these modules allow participants to uncover their unconscious biases, gain new insights in decision-making, building inclusive teams and cultures, and intercultural communications and identify how bias can impact critical healthcare decisions and results.

For more information or to request a training/workshop for your department, please contact flemid@musc.edu.

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As MUSC continues to grow, the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is essential to the innovation and impact within the enterprise and the communities that we serve.

Working with leaders and employees across the enterprise, the Training and Intercultural Education team in the Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion offers consultations and internal trainings. This team will assist in aligning efforts and giving you the tools to lead DEI initiatives. Following the preliminary consultation, please allocate a minimum of two weeks for a follow up to requests for team/group trainings.

It takes all of us working together to advance meaningful change to impact culture of MUSC from within! Please click here to complete the Consultation Request Form. We look forward to working with you!