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Post Rehab and Specialty

Post Rehabilitation Training "Beyond Therapy"

Exercise is the most effective way to relieve pain and help you regain your stamina, agility, or flexibility. The Wellness Center offers various studios, a 25-meter indoor pool, and specialized machines perfect for continuing your PT/OT exercise routine.

Our post rehabilitation trainers design an individualized recovery plan to relieve pain, improve vulnerable body parts, and facilitate recovery. We have 20+ years of expertise in developing fitness programs for clients with various limitations due to chronic disease, surgery, injury or musculoskeletal disorders, joint replacement, rotator cuff tear, spinal stenosis, meniscus tear, iliotibial band and piriformis syndrome.

We are ONE TEAM with your PT/OT specialists. We get a direct and detailed referral from your PT/OT! We ask to bring your home program assignment with you. 

Program Fees: 

Individually designed post-rehab training for non-members 8x30min sessions $300;12x30 min sessions $420.

For more information please contact Alicia O’Connor, Director of Personal Training, call 843-792-1494, or email oconnora@musc.edu

Chronic Disease Management program

The Chronic Disease Management trainer develops and oversees an exercise program to help you have the strength and fitness level to continue to enjoy the activities you value in life. We help clients with a wide range of chronic diseases, including: cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Musculoskeletal and Neurological Disorders. We believe it’s easier to face a chronic health issue in your life if you remain active and be intentional about adapting healthy lifestyle habits. 

For all your training needs, please, contact Alicia O’Connor, Director of Personal Training, call 843-792-1494, or email oconnora@musc.edu