Becoming an Ally as a Safe Zone Participant

The MUSC Safe Zone Program serves to identify and train faculty, staff, and students who are sensitive and supportive to marginalized individuals. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the incidence of heterosexism and homophobia on our campus, and thereby promote a campus that is a safer and freer place for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

All Safe Zone participants at MUSC attend a 4-hour training session, which provides information about people who are marginalized on the basis of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender orientation. Participants are not expected to be experts on topics related to sexual orientation, and most are not professional counselors. Rather, they have agreed to serve as supportive points of contact for those who are seeking information or assistance with issues related to people who are marginalized on the basis of their real or perceived sexual or gender orientation. After completing the 4-hour training session, using a standardized symbol, Safe Zone participants will be identified by the MUSC Safe Zone logo. Safe Zone allies signify that their space is a safe place to talk about issues which impact people who have been affected by various “isms.”

MUSC supports student-centered learning through personal, community, and academic development culminating in a transformative learning experience. We believe in doing this by:

Promoting a campus environment which cultivates a sense of belonging.

Respecting individual differences of all constituents.

Challenging campus community members to enhance decision-making skills, be independent learners, and take responsibility for choices and actions.

Empowering students as leaders to become civically engaged in global community issues.

Creating opportunities for academic success through co-curricular experiences and community outreach.

Collaborating strategically with the campus community and beyond, so that students benefit from a seamless experience.

Advocating for the equal treatment of everyone.