Students and employees who wish to obtain confidential assistance may do so by speaking with professionals who are obligated by law to maintain confidentiality. At MUSC, those individuals include mental-health counselors, hospital chaplains, social workers, psychologists, health service employees, and any other individual with a professional license whose official responsibilities include providing mental health counseling and who is functioning within the scope of the license.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

51 Bee Street
(843) 792-2848

Services Provided

  • Confidential consultations and counseling
  • Available to employees 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

(843) 792-4930

Services Provided

  • Short-term emotional support and ongoing individual counseling
  • Concerned third parties may also consult regarding how to help an MUSC student who may have experienced sexual harassment or violence.
  • Medical records are maintained in a free-standing EMR, not accessible to students or faculty
  • Available to students

National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center

67 President Street
2nd Floor Institute of Psychiatry Building South
(843) 792-8209

Services provided:

  • Specialized mental healthcare counseling for victims of crimes, including sexual assault
  • Available to all MUSC community members

Faculty Ombuds


Services provided:

  • Impartial, independent, confidential and informal option for resolution of puzzling or troublesome issues
  • Available to faculty

Hospital Chaplains


On campus chaplains working within the scope of their ordination or licensure

Services provided:

  • Spiritual support
  • Support through experiences of pain, suffering and loss, or change of health status
  • Available to all MUSC community members

Student Health Services

30-A Bee Street, 1st Floor
(843) 792-3664

Services Provided:

  • Confidential health services (Medical records are maintained in a free-standing EMR, not accessible to students or faculty)

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)

Located in the Adult Emergency Department at 96 Jonathan Lucas Street
(843) 792-3826

Services Provided:

  • Conduct forensic examinations to collect evidence
  • Assess for injuries
  • Provide emergency contraception (if needed)
  • Provide medications for sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention.

MUSC Advocacy Program (MAP)

Call the Hospital Operator: 843-792-2300 and ask them to page MAPS or the social worker on call.

Services Provided:

  • Direct support and interventions to individuals when there is a suspicion of abuse of a child, vulnerable adult, intimate partner violence, and/or sexual assault.  
  • Education, counseling, safety plans, lethality assessments and referrals to resources.


MUSC also has offices where students and employees can talk about their experiences or observations, consult about the policies and procedures, and inquire about training opportunities, including self-defense course and training on being an active bystander (or upstander). Although these offices may not maintain an individual’s confidentiality if they learn about an incident of actual or suspected harassment, discrimination, or sexual violence, they will maintain the individual’s privacy to the greatest extent possible, and only report the incident to the necessary university authorities.

Department of Public Safety

101 Jonathan Lucas Street

For emergencies: (843) 792-4196; any call box on campus; or or the LiveSafe app

Victims Advocate: (843) 792-1986;

Services provided:

  • Employs sworn officers with statewide jurisdiction and arrest powers
  • Emergency assistance
  • Receive/investigate reports of crimes
  • Safety escorts on campus and the surrounding areas
  • Victims’ advocates help victims navigate the criminal investigative process, and act as liaisons between the victims and the criminal justice system, including seeking orders of protection from the courts

Title IX Coordinator

Basic Science Building, Suite 104
(843) 792-1072;

Services provided

  • Provides consultations and information
  • Receives complaints
  • Educates the university community
  • Implements supportive or protective measures, including No-Contact Orders
  • Conducts investigations

Office of Student Programs & Student Diversity

45 Courtenay Drive, Suite 213
(843) 792-2693

Services provided:

  • Provides referrals
  • Conducts outreach efforts
  • Offers information about how the university resolves issues of harassment and discrimination

Office of Gender Equity

67 President Street, 2nd Floor South
(843) 792-8066

Services provided:

  • Educates the university community about sexual harassment and gender equity issues
  • Provides referrals
  • Offers information about how the university resolves issues of harassment and discrimination
  • Facilitates voluntary resolutions involving faculty members
  • Serves as an investigator

Behavioral Support Intervention Team

(843) 792-2123

Services provided:

  • Conducts outreach and educational programming
  • Offers consultations
  • Provides assessments and referrals


While not bound by confidentiality, the following MUSC officials will maintain your privacy to the greatest extent possible, and can also provide support and resources to MUSC students:

College of Graduate Studies

Dr. Cynthia Wright

College of Health Professions

Dr. Karen Wager

College of Dental Medicine

Dr. Tariq Javed

Dr. Lindsey Hamil

College of Medicine

Dr. Myra Haney Singleton

College of Nursing

Ms. Carolyn Page

College of Pharmacy

Dr. Cathy Worrall



People Against Rape:

Provides 24 hour crisis and support line and other confidential and privileged resources to those affected by domestic and sexual violence (local).
(843) 745-0144


RAINN – Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network:

Provides 24/7 crisis and support line and other confidential and privileged resources to those affected by domestic and sexual violence (national).
(800) 656-4673


State Office for Victim Assistance (SOVA):

Individuals who have been emotionally and/or physically injured in a reported crime may be eligible for benefits from SOVA.
(800) 220-5370


South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

(800) 260-9293




National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

(800) 799-SAFE (7233)


My Sister’s House (Domestic Violence Shelter):

(843) 744-3242


Charleston County Family Court:

100 Broad Street, Suite 143, Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 958-4400


US Citizenship and Immigration Services:

Charleston Field Office:

1 Poston Road, Suite 130
Charleston, SC 29407

(800) 375-5283


South Carolina Legal Services (free or low cost legal services for victims):

(888) 346-5592


Origin (family violence intervention):

4925 Lacross Road, Suite 215
North Charleston, SC 29406

(843) 735-7802