Chapel Rules & Regulations

Regulations for the Use of St. Luke's Chapel

A sexton will be assigned to oversee your event and assure adherence to the Rules and Regulations for the use of St. Luke's Chapel.

  • All events are limited to the block of time reserved. Due to other reservations, early arrivals or late departures cannot be accommodated.
  • Please notify your florist of the reserved times for the Chapel. They will have access to the Chapel at the beginning of your reservation time; additional time may be purchased, if necessary. Call the Chapel Director about extending your time. Remember that all decorations must be removed at the end of the reserved time. No hooks, clamps, pins, tape, etc. may be used on the pews or altar rails. Please consider silk cords, tulle, or ribbons.
  • The Chapel must be ready for the next occupant, so please leave the Chapel as you found it. Chapel reservations are often "back-to-back", so your cooperation is very important. Please remember to take your trash with you when you leave.
  • Food and drink (except for sacramental purposes and water) are not permitted inside the Chapel.
  • Flower petals, birdseed or rice may not be strewn inside the Chapel or on the Chapel grounds. Also, bubbles are not allowed inside the chapel.
  • An aisle runner may be used, but is not provided. The aisle is approximately 73 feet long and 65 inches wide. There are three steps to the platform.
  • Furniture and other items inside the Chapel shall not be moved or removed without prior arrangement with the Chapel Director or the Sexton overseeing the event. This should be discussed prior to the rehearsal.
  • The two large altar candlesticks and the seven-branched candelabras (candles furnished) may be used for the event. Candles must be extinguished at the end of the event. Please snuff the candles. Ask the sexton assigned to your wedding to give you the candle snuffer.
  • There is a kneeling bench and also a movable, free-standing small altar.
  • Except for weddings, dressing for events should take place elsewhere.
  • If a limousine is rented for the bride and groom to depart the Chapel, please arrange parking with the Chapel Director.