What does the fee cover? 

One hour of rehearsal time and a three-hour time period for the ceremony. The ceremony itself should take place one and a half hours into that period. This allows time for the bride and bridesmaids to dress, the florist to decorate the Chapel and time for photographs before the ceremony. The second hour and a half are for the ceremony, additional photographs and the removal of all flowers, decorations and trash that were brought into the Chapel. Also included are the use of the organ, two candelabras, altar candles, a kneeling bench, a movable small altar, a representative from the chapel (Sexton), and 20 two-day parking passes.

What does the fee not cover?

A minister, floral arrangements, musicians, photographer, wedding director, printed materials, or cost of guest parking. For a list of organists, musicians, vocalists, and ministers on MUSC's campus, contact the Chapel director.

Is there an organ or piano?

A beautiful pipe organ built by the Bedient Organ Company was constructed specifically for St. Luke's after Hurricane Hugo destroyed the old organ. The chapel does not have a piano.

Does the Chapel have an organist?

No, but there is a list of available organists (contact the Chapel Director) in the Charleston area. The organ can be played by anyone the bride/groom chooses. Organists not familiar with this organ may require practice time.

When can the organist practice?

Time can be arranged with the Chapel Director for the organist to practice. If this practice time can be scheduled during the regular hours that the Chapel is opened (Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.), there isn't a charge. If additional time is required and can be scheduled, there will be a $50/per half hour charge. All scheduling should be arranged by the Chapel Director.

How early can the florist arrive to decorate the Chapel?

The florist can arrive when the reservation begins, usually 1½ hours prior to the ceremony.

When must the flowers and other decorations be removed from the Chapel?

By the end of the reservation time, usually 1 ½ hours after the ceremony begins.

Is there a room for the bride and/or bride's attendants to change?

Yes, there is a bride's room with an attached bathroom.

Are there candles at the altar?

Yes, there are two large candles. Also, there are two candelabras holding seven candles each. Candles are provided. An ornate candle lighter is available. The wedding party is responsible for lighting the candles.

How long is the aisle?

Seventy-three feet.

Does the Chapel have a sound system?

Yes, there are two cordless handheld microphones (stands are available) and one cordless lapel microphone. The sound system can accommodate devices with aux outlets.

Can flower petals, birdseed, bubbles, or rice be used inside or outside the Chapel?

No, due to the finish of the interior floors and the request of the grounds department at the university, no flower petals, birdseed, or rice should be used inside or outside. Bubbles may be used outside only, as they leave a stain on the interior floor.

Is a kneeling bench available?


Is parking available?

Parking passes for the wedding party are included in the reservation fee. Guest parking may be arranged with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Office of Parking Management 843-792-8771.

Is there an area for a reception?

Unfortunately, an area is not available. Also, food and drink are not permitted in the Chapel (except for ceremonial purposes and water).