MUSC Foundation for Research Development

Shawn Valenta Video Series  

Check out Shawn Valenta's video series on Scribble. Mr. Valenta is an administrator with MUSC's Center for Telehealth and is a developer of TSIM, a framework that guides Telehealth programs through multiple phases of implementation by providing step-by-step guidance, ultimately equipping health institutions with the knowledge and tools to enable full-scale Telehealth enterprise adoption.

About Us

MUSC Foundation for Research Development is responsible for evaluating all intellectual assets the enterprise owns and generates, extracting value, and forging industry and other relationships resulting in products and services that provide real-life solutions to the world’s medical needs. Whether our translations involve a technology license, research collaboration, or new startup venture, we serve as a dedicated one-stop shop for advancing innovation at MUSC. Our team is also dedicated to building an ecosystem of innovation whose activities contribute to MUSC’s overall economic impact on our state and country.

FRD has compiled resources for inventors, entrepreneurs, and industry at MUSC to assist in the technology transfer process.

For inventors, you will find a list of disclosure formspolicies for intellectual property and faculty start-ups, inventor resources, and Frequently Asked Questions to assist with any and all technology licenses, research collaborations, new startup ventures, or any other commercialization activities.

For entrepreneurs at MUSC, FRD serves as a partner for faculty, staff, and students, as well as outside entrepreneurs who are looking for new ventures based on MUSC technologies. FRD has complied Start-Up Guidelines, as well as entrepreneurial resources for review and use.

FRD acts as the point of contact for industry and entrepreneurs. Here you will find a list of available technologies at MUSC, industry resources, draft agreements, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Mission

  • Promote the generation, evaluation, management, and assistance in the commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP) to benefit the public through stimulating: private and public sponsored scientific R&D;
  • Provide guidance and awareness on all topics related to IP, technology development, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer in the MUSC Enterprise;
  • Support and facilitation of entrepreneurial and economic development activities such as research and startup funding, technology development, and product commercialization to impact MUSC’s education, scholarly research, clinical and public health activities; and
  • Promotion, support and aid to other activities and programs within the FRD Mission which will further MUSC’s scholarly research efforts.