MUSC Foundation for Research Development

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MUSC Foundation for Research Development is responsible for evaluating all intellectual assets the enterprise owns and generates, cultivating value, and forging industry and other relationships resulting in products and services that provide real-life solutions to the world’s medical needs. Whether our translations involve a technology license, research collaboration, or new startup venture, we serve as a dedicated one-stop shop for advancing innovation at MUSC. Our team is also dedicated to building an ecosystem of innovation whose activities contribute to MUSC’s overall economic impact on our state and country.

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Our Mission

  • To promote, encourage and aid in the generation of intellectual property by the faculty, staff and students at MUSC and to provide or support the evaluation, management, and commercialization of such intellectual property to ensure the intellectual property will provide a benefit to the public. 
  • To promote and support private and public sponsored scientific and other scholarly research projects and to develop and manage the intellectual property resulting therefrom. 
  • To advance the awareness and knowledge of the faculty, staff and students at MUSC in topics related to intellectual property, technology development, entrepreneurship and technology transfer.
  • To support and facilitate entrepreneurial and economic development activities that have beneficial effects on MUSC’s education, scholarly research, and clinical and public health activities, provide opportunities for research funding, and elevate MUSC’s reputation.
  • To promote, support and aid any and all other activities and programs which will further MUSC’s scholarly research efforts, and its efforts to provide clinical and public health services and education.

Portfolio of Startup Companies

Wooden blocks stacked on a table. Painted on the blocks is an image of a rocket ship blasting off. A hand can be seen stacking the last block on top.MUSC’s portfolio of companies are advancing innovations in research, education, and heath care, including novel therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, biologicals, healthcare IT and services. Combined, MUSC startups have raised over $50 million dollars in financing.

MUSC recognizes that the translation of discoveries has a significant benefit for society and is an important component of our mission as an academic medical center.  Since 2014 over 70 startup companies have spun out of MUSC, and over half remain active today. Startups are an excellent approach to translate innovations into products and services for the public benefit and provide an engine for economic growth in the state. They also offer a means of commercialization that isn't always possible through licensing each technology separately.

Portfolio of Companies

View our portfolio of startup companies: